COVID-19: Chinese automotive industry begins journey to recovery after huge setback


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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The Chinese auto industry is beginning to come back to life as factory workers return to base. This shows that normalcy will soon return to the world!

Although some countries are still experiencing a spike in the COVID-19 outbreak, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be showing forth in the pandemic’s originating country, China. The country’s automotive industry is gradually coming back to life as auto factory workers are returning to base.


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Wuhan – the Chinese city where the infection originated from, is a hub for car manufacturing. Following the outbreak, it became a no-go area. The Chinese government took strict measures to contain the spread including putting the town on lockdown – forcing residents to stay at home. Understandably, that action stifled life out of Wuhan’s auto scene with zero demand for auto products.

A few months later, after the country has not recorded new cases locally, auto workers are beginning to return to their factories. No fewer than 1,000 workers of a large auto company in the city – Dongfeng Honda Auto – were spotted returning to base. According to reports gathered by Naijauto, the workers got to the railway station in Hankou before they were transported to Wuhan in vehicles provided for them. Meanwhile, Japan has set up a task force to help the auto industry recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.

At the time of filing this report, the time for work resumption was not stated yet. But from all indications, it is not far from now. This is good news, not just for the Chinese automotive industry, but for the world at large. A hub for car production, China is a major player in the global automotive industry that has been seriously impacted by the deadly coronavirus.

In general, this development gives hope that the world will eventually overcome the COVID-19 nightmare, and everything will return to normal.

The global auto industry might take a while to fully recover from COVID-19! Watch the experts share their thoughts in the video:

Experts share their thoughts on Coronavirus

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