COVID-19: Beijing-based Neolix achieves high demand for driverless delivery vans


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Despite the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, driverless van maker Neolix has been seeing high demand for its vans.

Neolix is an autonomous delivery van manufacturer based in Beijing, China. From a new report reaching us, the company falls among the very few who are not really affected since the breakout of the deadly coronavirus.


The Beijing-based van maker is presently experiencing demand surge for its driverless vans amidst coronavirus scare

Initially, the company had only manufactured 125 units of these driverless vans since 2019 when it began operations, before the outbreak of the virus.

The pandemic has turned out to be blessing for Neolix, as the company has received orders for over 200 trucks in the last 2 months. Big companies like Meituan Dianping, JD.Com Inc. and Alibaba have shown huge interest already in the company.

Small vans produced by Neolix will not only help in limiting any form of physical or human contact but assist buyers in solving the shortage of labor caused by growing quarantines and restrictions placed on movement.


The Neolix's driverless vans will be used to curtail the spread of the virus and eliminate labor shortage

According to Yu Enyuan, the founder of Neolix, there is a depletion of the company’s inventories since the outbreak of the virus. Hospitals are now utilizing its vehicles in taking delivery of their medical supplies.

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He said:

“Demand has been surging since the virus outbreak and more importantly, people’s perception toward driverless delivery had a complete 180-degree shift,”

“People realize that such vehicles can get things done when it is risky for a human being to do so.”

From additional reports, we learned they are making use of these driverless vans to disinfect the streets, in order to curb the growing virus. The trucks will also be used to convey food to workers on the front lines, helping to curtail the coronavirus.


The driverless vans will help deliver food to the people working towards curtailing the spread of the virus at the front-line

Neolix revealed that subsidies from the government will help accelerate the promotion of its driverless vehicles. The automaker has planned to make sales of 1,000 examples of these vans in 2020.

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