See this zealous couple working together as bus driver and conductor for over 5 years


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Don’t miss this touching story of how a married couple have been working together as a bus driver and conductor for 5 years now. See their inspiring photos below!

Naijauto recently found viral photos and touching story of a married couple that has been working together in Kwame Nkruma Circle, as bus driver and conductor for more than 5 years.


This couple have been working together as driver and bus conductor for over 5years now

A viral report claims that the man, Edward Armah Ago together with his strong wife, Evelyn Adjeley Adjei, have now been working together in the transport business for over 5 years now and not yet retiring anytime soon.

The report also has it that the man is 55 years old while his wife is 42 years old and they have started working together since the ’90s till now with their coverage spanning from La Tse Addo to Kwame Nkrumah Circle only.

According to the man, Edward Armah Ago – he got his personal drivers’ license as far back as 1989. He revealed that his transport business was not doing well in the early period so, he stopped it and joined his wife in running a local gin sales business known as “Akpeteshi”.

Edward revealed that their local gin business grew rapidly and earned them enough money which they used in purchasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. But, after getting back into the transport business as a driver, all of his hired assistants “Conductors” were being dishonest about money returns. This is why his wife came into the business with him as his assistant.

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In the end, your wife is the only you can trust

When commenting about this zealous couple, Mr. Francis Tamatey, the Chairman of La Tse Addo said;

“They are very serious with their work. Unlike other drivers who usually have misunderstandings with passengers, you will never find them do such a thing."

Do you agree that this married couple truly deserves admiration?

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