Couple beats up LASTMA officer trying to arrest them unlawfully


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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This is what happens when LASTMA officials go about arresting motorists wrongfully. Black day for LASTMA! See more details in the post below!

A video has surfaced online showing a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official as he is being beaten up by a man and his wife.

As brought to you here on Naijauto, the video footage showed the couple as they alighted from their Mercedes Benz car to give the LASTMA officer the beating of his life because the officer made an attempt to unlawfully arrest them for traffic light offense.


The LASTMA officer tried to  arrest the couple unlawfully for traffic light offense and ended up getting manhandled

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The annoymous poster user who ploaded the video, which has already gone viral, remarked:

The incident happened at Awolowo way Ikeja this afternoon. The LASTMA stop the Benz for a traffic light but got the beating of his life.

We've had reports of LASTMA officers who have been beaten up by motorists, so this isn't the first time. We want to believe this law enforcement officials are stretching the traffic laws by engaging in the unlawful arrest of motorists. Let us hope there isn't a repeat incident of this treatment of erring LASTMA officials.

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