[VIDEO] Can you guess the country with the most vintage cars in the world?


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Due to a strict piece of legislation on importation in this country, their citizens have no other way but to make use of the old vehicles left in the country. Check details right below!

Can you guess the name of the country already? Take some seconds to think about it. If I dare guess, many people would think the citizens of this country either has a special taste for classic cars, or they are just not well-off enough to purchase modern ones, or maybe they are just too underdeveloped? At this point, I think many of our readers would direct their thoughts toward the impoverished countries of Africa continent.

Most of the guesses are correct. However, it's one of the communist countries, and it's located in South America.

Cuba is the country that has most vintage cars worldwide - that's our answer!

Cuba has long been known for its strict regulation, especially towards importation from capitalist country like America. In fact, during a trade war between the most fervent capitalist, the U.S, and Cuba. Cuba has applied a total and complete ban of vehicles and its corresponding parts from the U.S. To retaliate, the U.S has banned many merchandises imported from Cuba, one of which is Ronald Reagan's favorite, Cigars.


There's probably no place where classic cars are prevalent like in Cuba

That said, ever since the ban in 1959, cars that predate that time are still present on the streets of Cuba today. One of the reasons why is that Cuba's car manufacturing industry was and has been underdeveloped. Naturally, Cubans have to make the best use out of those vehicles since they can't know exactly when the ban will be lifted, or will it be lifted at all.

This mindset has actually birthed many interesting cars. Since they have to keep their babies alive as long as possible, parts from other cars are improvised into theirs, for example, it's not rare to see a Cadillac powered by a Peugeot engine. Many cars can be named are Ladas, Nissan, Citroen, Chevrolet, Buick, etc, from manufacturers in China, America, Russia, amongst others.


The ban left the Cubans no other way but to improvise with their cars

It has been a long way since then, Cuba now has grown dramatically, particularly in the mindset of the leaders, to open the borders for competition and reconcile with age-old enemies. One of the recent forward-thinking movement from Cuba is the removal of the car ban, allowing their citizens to freely purchase any car that they would prefer. Of course, given that they can afford one. The Cuba authority even allow the owners of used cars to sell them on the market.

You can know more about this phenomenon through a document filmed by the Insider

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