Must read! 10 countries with the cheapest fuel price. Nigeria ranks 7th!


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Struggle with fuel expense every month? It will blow your mind if you know that Nigeria has fuel sold the 7th cheapest in the world. Bonus, you can buy fuel at 4 nairas/litre in the country ranks 1st. Which country is that? Find out now!

As many may not agree to this knowing fully well that Nigerians deserve more under this stern fuel regime. The country is enriched with many natural resources and crude oil is one of them. It is what drives the economy and even the financial bedrock of politics. Having said enough, fuel tale in Nigeria has been a good one told under the moonlight. However you will be so shocked to know Nigeria as a country boasts to be among the top ten countries with the cheapest fuel price in the world. Shocking right? This is why Naijauto — your number 1 auto website in Nigeria will show you the list of 10 cheapest fuel selling countries in the world.


You can get fuel in some of these countries as low as 0.37 dollar per liter

List of top 10 countries where you can buy the cheapest fuel around

So, let’s start the countdown for this week top then countries you can buy fuel as low as possible.

Azerbaijan #10

The number 10 on our list is Venezuela. In this country, fuel goes as low as 0.47 dollar per litre. That is equivalent approximately to 147 naira.

Turkmenistan #09

Many people might not have heard about this country but if you visit there, you will enjoy fuel as low as 0.43 dollar per litre which is the same as 151 naira.

Egypt #08

Just like Turkmenistan, you can get fuel at good price of 151 naira (0.43 dollar)

Nigeria #07

With number 7 on the list, this is definitely a good thing and such news comes at a price tag of 0.41 dollar per litre. This is 144 naira in Nigerian currency.

Ecuador #06

You can get fuel here as low as 0.39 dollar per litre (139 Naira).

Algeria #05

To buy a litre of fuel in Algeria, you will spend as minimal as 122 Naira in Nigerian currency. This is 0.35 dollars when converted.

Kuwait #04

This country shares the same fuel rate with Algeria at 0.35 dollar per litre.

Sudan #03

This country may not be endowed with natural resources as many countries but her fuel rate is definitely cheap at 0.34 dollar per litre (119 Naira).

Iran #02

This country really comes second in our top 10 countries with the cheapest fuel rate per litre. It goes as low as 0.29 dollar per litre which like using 102 Naira to buy fuel here.

Venezuela #01

This country’s fuel rate will blow your mind. It comes first as our country with the cheapest fuel price at just 4 Naira per litre (0.01 dollar). This is really mind blowing.

Video: Comparing the most and least expensive fuel prices among countries

What do you think, guys? Is it the low exchange rate of Naira that makes the fuel price here expensive?

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