Top countries that purchased most electric vehicles in 2018


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Did you know that some countries purchased larger quantities of electric vehicles over normal gasoline vehicles in 2018? Find out the top 10 who bought most electric vehicles last year in the list here!

If you ask us at; when will electric vehicles dominate the Nigerian automobile market? Our answer will be: we don’t know! 😊.

Yes, the reason we will give such an answer is not far-fetched. Let's take a look at how Nigerians react to Senator Been Bruce's electric car bill or the fact that many people, including Sen Ike Ekweremadu disapproved of electric cars as it hinders Nigerian oil sales, then you will see why we can’t give a precise answer to that question. Nonetheless, we cannot but reckon some of the benefits attached to adopting and using electric vehicles.

If you ever get to truly understand the underlying benefits that electric vehicles offer to both the owners and the natural environment, you would instantly become a crusader for them generally.

However, it is still also impossible to not reckon some disadvantages of these type of vehicles as well, especially when it comes to accessing charging stations and various other safety concerns that have been popping up since its inception. But this is 2019, most of these issues are gradually becoming outdated as the advantages of electric vehicles are rapidly outweighing the disadvantages continuously.

While we are still awaiting moves from Nigerian automobile investors, some countries around the world have already opened their eyes to some of the incredible advantages that they stand to gain from electric vehicles. They are purchasing it now in larger quantities than ever.

Below is a list of top 10 countries that purchased the most electric vehicles in 2018 alone!

10. Netherlands

Over 29,187 units of electric vehicles were purchased in Netherlands in 2018.

9. Sweden

Around 29,909 units of electric cars, buses and other vehicles were purchased in just 2018 alone.

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Tesla is by far the leading and most popular brand when it comes to electric vehicles distribution worldwide

8. Canada

It's estimated that 33,879 units of electric vehicles had been bought in this country last year.

7. Japan

Approximately 52,013 electric vehicles were purchased only in the year 2018 by this Asia country.

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You can easily see these charging stations on Japanese streets

6. France

It was reported that 53,745 eco-friendly vehicles were consumed by French in 2018.

5. United Kingdom

Statistics have shown 59,911 units of electric vehicles purchased in just 2018 alone, in the United Kingdom.

4. Germany

67,504 is the number of electric vehicles bought by German people last year.

3. Norway

It's not surprising at all when a country caring for the environment like Norway bought a large number of electric cars. Up to 86,290 units of electric vehicles were purchased in this country in 2018.

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China has defeated others to top the list

2. USA

Of course American friends must be present in every top list. Over 361,307 units of electric vehicles were sold here last year.

1. China

With an enormous number of population, Chinese electric vehicle markets had sold out over 1,016,002 units in just 2018 alone.

Do you think with this increasing purchase rate, in 50-70 years’ time, electric vehicles will be normal in the whole world?

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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