Corpse nearly got burnt in car fire on Onitsha Bridge


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A corpse has escaped its second death in a car fire on Onitsha Bridge. Seriously, did this really happened? It's left for you to confirm. Read up the story now!

If you are wondering how it happened, we at were actually left dumbfounded when the news came in. However, it did occur on Onitsha bridge.

It was reported that a corpse was dropped temporarily by the side of the road, on the River Niger Head Bridge situated in Onitsha, Anambra state, after a fire outbreak.


The car transporting the corpse suddenly caught fire

According to our sources, the vehicle was conveying the dead boy from Asaba, Delta State and heading towards Anambra. And on getting to the River Niger Bridge, the vehicle caught fire and went up in flames.
The occupants of the car who were accompanying the corpse quickly rescued the dead body, dropping it at the side of the road on the bridge and watched as the car got burnt completely.

There was an intervention by the Nigeria Road Safety officials as they assisted in taking the obstruction out of the highway and controlling the traffic that built up as a result of the accident.


Police has come to control the traffic

The corpse has to be buried no matter what happened. That's why another vehicle was hired to continue the journey of conveying the corpse to be buried, together with occupants of the burnt car.


The corpse then has been transported on another vehicle

Information on the cause of the fire wasn't made known to us.

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Car fire outbreak is rising on the increase of late

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Jane Osuagwu
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Jane Osuagwu

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