Coronavirus: Medical supplies donated by Jack Ma airlifted by Nigerian Air-force to Abuja


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Nigeria recently received free medical supplies from Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation, this was airlifted by the Nigerian Air-force to Abuja.

In the midst of the ravaging effect of the deadly coronavirus on the global population, many affected countries have been receiving assistance from countries that have been able to deal with the pandemic. Just recently, Nigeria with growing cases of confirmed patients received medical supplies and equipment from both Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation.


NAF airlifts medical supplies donated to Nigeria by Billionaire Jack Ma to Abuja from the International Airport in lagos

Just last Tuesday, an Ethiopian Airlines Freighter reportedly landed at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos with these medical supplies, at exactly 3:20 pm.

The Ethiopian airlines, however, expressed its gratitude for being afforded the privilege of delivering these much needed medical equipment and supplies in this critical time, which will go a long way in curtailing the spread of the coronavirus within the walls of the affected countries in Africa.

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The medical supplies airlifted to FCT were initially brought into the country by Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines stated:

“Today, we are very happy to deliver these medical supplies to the Government and people of Nigeria. Ethiopian Airlines has always stood by Nigeria in times of good and bad. Since we started flying to Lagos we have not stopped our flights.This was even when Abuja airport was closed. We were the only international airline that flew to Kaduna.”

From what we learned, the goodwill supplies came just quickly after the reversal of prohibition on cargo flight into the country by the Federal government.


Billionaire Jack Ma has shown a sense of humanity by donating medical supplies to countries affected by the coronavirus

At a time when even doing ordinary stuff like riding an Uber or any other ride-hailing services safely during COVID-19 is difficult, this comes as welcome assistant in Nigeria's battle against the spread of the virus.

The Ethiopian Airlines has been directly responsible for the supply of the bulk of medical donations to Africa from the popular Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation. This medical consignment recently left China to Africa and landed in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Here is the video of medical assistance given to Nigeria by billionaire Jack Ma, in curbing the spread of the deadly virus in the country. 

Jack Ma Foundation assists Nigeria with medical supplies

According to information gathered, the medical supplies and equipment carried by the flight include 5.4 million units of protective face masks, 1.08 million units of detection test kits, 60,000 sets of protective face shields and 40,000 sets of protective wear.

China has shown the world how effective its system has been at combating this ravaging global pandemic, especially through a series of preventive measures against COVID 19 in their vehicles. We believe Nigeria and other countries can follow suit and put an end to this deadly virus once and for all.

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