Coronavirus: See how a Chinese woman used a remote-controlled car to get food


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Chen Tao, a Chinese woman, was captured using a remote-controlled car to get food safely to her apartment in the midst of deadly coronavirus scare.

Circumstance they say can bring out the best in people in terms of creativity and flawless survival techniques. Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus which is now tagged as COVID-19 in China, several similar cases have been reported in over 25 countries of this deadly virus. A particular Chinese woman obviously knows the importance of food that she had to resort to using a remote-controlled vehicle to pick up food from her own apartment.


To avoid getting infected, a Chinese woman made us of a remote-controlled car to get food safely to her apartment

From a further report, the female RC enthusiast who goes by the name Chen Tao attached a pair of cameras to her car while carrying out modifications with a trailer. She was able to drive it easily using the remote for the car, to a shop almost 1312 feet away to get a bag of steamed buns.


Chen Tao attached a trailer and pair of action cameras to the remote-controlled car to purchase a bag of steamed buns

Smartly enough, she wrote her mobile phone number on the trailer of the car in order for the shop owner to contact and charge her for the purchase via electronic means.

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According to what we gathered, she had to spray the car with disinfectant when it returned to her apartment, before thinking of taking inside the steamed beans in the vehicle.

Woman uses remote control car to buy food in east China

Tao’s remote-controlled car is a toy car powered by a battery. The car was captured moving through the streets of Jinan, Shandong Province in China. Since the residents have deserted the streets due to the coronavirus scare, it was easy for the car to move around easily without any issue. The deadly virus has already killed more than 900 people and up to 40,000 people in the Chinese mainland are reportedly infected.

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