Coronavirus: Several Chinese brand new car dealerships open, experience low showroom traffic


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While the rest of the world is still attempting to curtail the spread of coronavirus, new car showrooms in China are already re-opening.

Undeniably, We cannot overlook the tremendous job done by the Chinese in attempting to put an end to the deadly coronavirus that has been ravaging their country for some weeks now. While many countries on the planet are currently on total lockdown, China is starting to return to normal life amidst the global pandemic.


Many showrooms reopen in China despite the global outbreak of deadly coronavirus

From the latest report, almost 91% of new car dealerships in China have reopened their shops for public access. Although the number of people visiting these showrooms is still minimal as compared to before, it’s still a positive thing to take out of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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The traffic at the showroom varies among different automakers, which according to China Automobile Dealers Association, is set to be at 8,393 registered dealerships across the country. The Chinese brands stand now at 35%, which is reported to be the lowest turnout at the showrooms. Well, the statistics are still pretty normal considering the time of the year we are now. Those dealerships that sell foreign models built within the walls of China are experiencing a bit of growth of 54% of the usual rates.


The traffic at the showroom is still minimal but quite encouraging considering the pandemic ravaging many countries

Presently, 9.2% of registered dealerships are still on lockdown due to their failure to get approval from the local government. Part of the conditions for approval is the capability of these dealerships in providing enough protective resources for their workers and customers.

There is a 47% drop with the retail passenger cars in China in the 1st half of this month, as the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus put a stop to public and business activities all over the country.

To curb the coronavirus spreading within the four walls of Nigeria, there are certain things car owners need to know to stay safe while going on a long or short trip.

Check out the video below for important safety tips:

Video: Tips on virus prevention: How to disinfect your car

The China Passenger Car Association said:

“Some cities are encouraging people to return to normal life, however, consumers’ confidence in car purchases is unlikely to return to normal before the end of March,” 

While it seems China has it all figured out, the rest of the world is still on the battleground, attempting to curtail the spread of this deadly virus within their territorial boundaries and limiting its impact on the global industry.

As a consequence of the pandemic, Nigeria, like other countries in the world, is facing a potential economic meltdown due to the pandemic. See how Coronavirus threatens Nigeria's automotive industry Hopefully things will start returning to normal over here soon.

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