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Every airport in the world is different in a number of ways. Apart from being transit points, airports have their own appeal. Here are top coolest airports in the world. Check photos below!

When we get aboard flights to our destinations, all we are usually thinking is how pleasant our trip will be. Whether we will land safely. The people we shall see.. All these run through our minds from the second we think of the journey to the point the plane tires hit the tarmac. So occupied are we, we tend not to notice the beauty of the airports we pass through.

Airports are a symbolic part of every country. They are gateways to cities, countries, entire cultures and the first thing you encounter when you arrive in any nation. You may not visit every part of a country but catching a good view of an airport on your way through to your destination can tell you a lot about the country, and whether you will be adding the country to your next holiday list!

Here are the top airports in the world guaranteed to make you want to come again:

1. Singapore Changi Airport

In 2017 Singapore Changi airport celebrated the key milestone of serving 60 million passengers from close to 100 countries around the world. When you are looking for an airport that will prevent you from being bored then this it. It's a home for entertainment with eye catching gardens and about 350 vendors of different retail items and services.

Why Singapore Changi arport is Best in the world?

2. Hong Kong International Airport

This airport has won several awards for its beauty. From winning the title of “Airport of the Year” at the World Airport Awards on multiple occasions to being voted the World’s Best Transit Airport and Best Airport for Dining. From the many awards won, one can easily tell that it is the place to be. If you have an opportunity to be at this airport, you can admire this place of beauty and get the chance to have a taste of exotic meals.


Hong Kong government plans to enhance its airport beauty to another level

Besides the beautiful structure and the good meals of this airport, another great thing about it is its great exhibitions for kids education and amusement. While you're waiting for your next flight, your kids can tour the ‘Dream Come True Education Park’ where kids can play roles such as pilots, astronauts and many more.

3. Vancouver International Airport in Canada

This airport is the second busiest airport in Canada in terms of  passengers and aircraft movement. You can't leave this airport without visiting the Vancouver Aquamarine Exhibits, which has about 5000 sea creatures and about 1,800-litre jellyfish aquarium.


Vancouver airport embraces the culture emblems of the country

4. Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

It is an international airport located in the suburbs of Rongotai in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. If you are familiar with the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie trilogy, you will recognize your favorite character's huge statues installed in this airport. Among them is a huge head of ‘Smaug the dragon’ with its blinking eyes and smoking mouth.


You are in the waiting room of Wellington airport


Can you see that? Genius, I must say!

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5. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

You can never be stuck in this airport and be bored. As one of largest and busiest airports in the world, this airport is a place for various activities. From shopping to visiting the spa, going to the movies, or ice skating while you wait for your flight.


The Incheon airport offers a great variety of entertaining activities for passengers

6. Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Just like Incheon Airport in South Korea, this Japan airport has so many activities going on there to help the hours speed away while you await your scheduled flight. You can dine at the ‘Planetarium Starry Cafe’ and have a taste of Japanese food, go for body spa, shopping and so on.


Japanese constructions never cease to amaze me

7. Munich International Airport, Germany

It is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic. There are places you can visit around there like the museum and the gardens. The overall design features simple modern structure but highly effective in aesthetic values.


A store corner in Munich airport, simple but sophisticated (Source: Romeo Belarmino)

8. Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport in Spain

The architectural design in this airport will leave you gazing around. Adding to this, the unique view of aircrafts and the Mountain view is a sight you definitely want to behold.


This airport is definitely not for trypophobia

9. Hamad International Airport, Qatar

This airport is just art in display! Apart from the many activities going on within the airport that could make you want to stay back, this airport holds the luxurious views that many if not all of us crave for.


It's more like a resort than an airport in design

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10. Dubai International Airport, Dubai

We can't close this list without mentioning the world's busiest airport. Not only the busiest, on reaching the airport you will immediately know why the city is regarded as a top holiday spot for tourists. With the way everything is organised and technology highly used there, you will definitely want to visit again.


Dubai airports represent most cutting-edged tech trend


This is an airport? No, it's a hotel inside Dubai airport

Other than 10 above airports, there are many more you must come to see with your own eyes. Add them in your to-do list now and save your budget!

  • Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport view from above


This is Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport in the inside

  • Samui International Airport, Thailand


The Samui International Airport deco is mostly made of wood


Look at these airport buses, how cute! (Island Info Samui)

  • London Heathrow Airport, England


Like Dubai airport, Heathrow airport has a hotel for overnight passengers

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia


A sweet store inside Kuala Lumpur international airport (Source: Sorbis)

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