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The automobile industry is constantly evolving and career options are also evolving with it.At the moment, there are a good number of car related careers which one can pursue as a car lover such as car journalism, professional driver or as a car sales man.

The automobile industry as it is presents quite a number of career options for individuals interested in pursuing car related careers. As a car lover or enthusiast, you might be wondering what opportunities the automobile industry has to offer in that regard. So, Naijauto team have put together this article to help you choose which will best suit your passion.

1. Driver

If you are someone who likes being in control of the steering wheel, then becoming a full time driver may suit your purpose. Lots of opportunities abound for commercial drivers in Nigeria. Transport companies like Peace Mass Transit, Adam & Eve Motors, God is Good Motors, ABC Transport e.t.c. are always expanding their businesses by establishing more bus terminals across the country and with it comes acquisition of more buses into their fleet and also the need to employ the services of more drivers.

However, if working with a company is not what you seek, you can register your own vehicle as an independent driver and become your own boss. There are also ride hailing services like Uber and Bolt whose platform you can register on. Hire purchase options are also available where you can drive another person's vehicle for him or her and remit a certain amount of money as agreed upon to him on weekly basis until you have paid off for the car.


You can pursue driving as a career if you are passionate about cars

The beautiful thing about becoming a driver in Nigeria is that you do not need any qualification aside having a valid driver's licence which you can get after you have passed your driving test.

2. Car sales agent

With enough knowledge about cars, you can go on to become a car sales agent. Buying and selling of cars through agents are becoming popular by the day. A car sales agent is someone who helps other people to buy or sell their cars. He might not have a dealership to his name but he liases with car dealers to bring in buyers to them for a commission.

As a car sales agent you can earn between 1-10% of the profit on every car you help someone to sell. In some cases, the owner of the car can allow you to sell the car at any price of your choice while you remit his own money to him.

With the internet as a very powerful tool for marketing, buying and selling of products, cars inclusive have become as quick and easy as possible.  As a car sales agent, you can market your cars online on websites like Nairaland, Naijauto.com, Jiji.com and also on social media platforms such as twitter, instagram and facebook.

3. Auto mechanic

Among the car related careers you can pursue in the automobile industry is to become an auto mechanic. If you are someone who loves to solve problems generally, then you might just do well as an auto mechanic.

An auto mechanic is a person who diagnoses faults with the mechanical components of an automobile such as a car, a truck, or even a motorcycle.

To become a mechanic in Nigeria, yo need to train under an already established and experienced auto mechanic as an apprentice. You would be required to pay a certain sum of money ranging between N50,000 - N500,000 as apprenticeship fee depending on location before you can be trained in any mechanic workshop.


As a car lover, you can also pursue a career as a professional auto mechanic

One can also specialize in a particular brand of cars. For instance, there are Toyota mechanics, Mercedes mechanics, Nissan mechanics e.t.c. Training duration is between a period of 3-5 years.

Good news is you do not need a degree before you can pursue a career as an automechanic in Nigeria. However, if a degree in automobile related field is what you desire, you can study automobile related courses such as mechanical engineering or automobile engineering in a university or polytechnic before you proceed with your passion as a professional auto mechanic.

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4. Journalist

Among car related careers you can pursue as a car lover is journalism.

One common trait of car lovers is that they love to talk about cars. If peradenture you fall into this category of people, you can turn your passion into a full time job. Guess how? By becoming an automobile journalist such as an automobile news writer or a car blogger. The principal thing here is to share your knowledge of cars and the automobile industry with a ready and willing audience. As an automobile journalist, you can write and publish news articles on latest car releases, car maintenance tips, driving tips and also some other news and information relating to cars such as car reviews and news of accidents.

Becoming an automobile journalist is a very rewarding career option as you get paid to share the information you know about cars with others who are willing to read, hear or learn from you.

5. Assemblyman

Cars actually go through a lot of coupling and mounting processes before they are finally ready to be shipped off to car dealerships where they are finally purchased.

However, what a lot of people don't know is that the assembly lines in car production is still very much controlled by humans and not robots like a lot of people believe.

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You can pursue a career in vehicle manufacturing as a car assembly man

If not for the inputs of assembly men and women into the car production process, cars will not hit the market at such phenomenal rates as they do. At the moment, there are quite a number of car manufacturers in Nigeria such as Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) and ANNAMCO, making car assembly a very lucrative car related career in Nigeria and other African countries.

6. Teacher

Many technical colleges and universities offer trainings in car related careers such as vocational educations and technical workshops which are usually anchored by knowledgeable car experts. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge and also enjoy teaching as a job, then you should consider working together with automobile industry leaders to deliver classes or workshops in the automobile industry which albeit could on part time basis but very rewarding.

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