Volkswagen & eClassic partnered to convert Beetle into an electric car, guess its prices?


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The classic Volkswagen Beetle is back and it has re-invented itself this time around into a fully electrified version of its old self. Prices haven't been unveiled yet you may get shocked at the price for converting a Jaguar into an electric!

Just you might want to know; it is very much possible for you now to carry out a conversion of your old Volkswagen Beetle into a fully electric-powered vehicle.

Just recently, the company launched a conversion kit that can transform a classic Beetle into modern age electric vehicle, which could be easily charged right from home. The automaker has formed a partnership with eClasssic, a German-based specialist firm, in providing the conversion kit officially.


The automaker is giving you chance to future-proof your classic Beetle into an electric version

In case you still own any classic Volkswagen Beetle by chance, here is an opportunity for you to preserve it for future use by using the electric motor and battery to replace the traditional internal-combustion engine. The official conversion kit comprises battery, gearbox and electric motor.

Power of Volkswagen Beetle electric version

For the electric version, it comes fitted with 124 miles of driving range and generates an output of 81 horsepower. It accelerates from a standstill of zero to 50 mph in eight seconds and 99 mph of peak speed.

In order to carry out the conversion, the air-cooled flat-4 cylinder engine in the Beetle will be extracted by the company and the electric drivetrain put in as a replacement.

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Instead of using petrol to power your old Beetle, you can now charge it right at home with the new conversion kit

Other modifications on Volkswagen Beetle the electric

The weight of the Volkswagen Beetle would surely increase with this added attachment. A traditional Beetle has a weight of 800 kg, but would become 1,300 kg when converted into fully electric-powered version.

The added mass does not affect its road performance as the new version is expected to be faster. In just one hour, you should be able to charge it as much as 70%.


Say goodbye to traditional internal-combustion engine as the new conversion kit gives it a battery and electric motor

The only challenge here is getting your Beetle over to Germany, since it has to fit in perfectly within the company’s zero-emission drivetrain policy and can only be done over there. Since 1938 when its production started, the automaker had manufactured 21 million examples throughout its history. The production of the original version was halted in July 2019 with the rolling out of the last version from the Puebla assembly line located in Mexico.

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How much does it cost to convert a Volkswagen Beetle into an electric car?

Till now, the official price for converting a Beetle into an electric hasn't been unveiled yet. The automaker will reveal more details and perhaps the pricing in the FrankFurt Motor Show next week.

However, for your reference, the fee that cost a Jaguar customer to convert their car into a fully-electric doesn't come cheap. It goes up to £350,000, translating to 156.1 million naira. But you have the rights to expect a much more affordable price tag for an electric Beetle, considering the car category compared to Jaguar.

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