Controversy sparked after same car featured in Hushpuppi and Lil Pump's photos


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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After Lil Pump's photo of the same car shown off by Hushpuppi before, many raised doubts about Hushpuppi's real ownership of the car.

The controversy was sparked when Instagram sensation the news spread that Hushpuppi has sold his popular purple Rolls-Royce Wraith, and ordered a 2020 Cullinan Mansory as a replacement.


Hushpuppi and Lil Pump shared the same car, which ignited heated debates on the internet

The Dubai based businessman used to flaunt the Rolls-Royce online, but the same car was claimed by American Singer Lil Pump while he was in Dubai, leaving many people confused. Both Hushpuppi and Lil Pump were captured on camera with the same car, but none of them clarified the confusion about the car’s ownership.

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While online users are still trying to figure out who actually owns the Wraith, the news of the car having been sold was revealed by the Dubai-based Nigerian via a post, warning his haters not to celebrate as he would hurt their feelings soon. Why? That's because according to one of his friends, Hushpuppi has just ordered a Cullinan Mansory worth 300 million nairas as a replacement.


Hushppuppi's friend disclosed he has found a worthy replacement for the Rolls-Royce

He was right about hurting his haters’ feelings after all. With this car, they will have sleepless nights. Naijauto will bring you images of the new Cullinan Mansory when it arrives. Stay tuned to!

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