Another container has fallen off Ojuelegba Bridge in Lagos state


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When will all this truck induced accident stop in Nigeria? Another container has fallen off from a truck on the Ojuelegba Bridge in Lagos. Read the update here!

If you are a daily news reader, you will really understand that too many updates have been featured recently about truck induced road accidents especially in Lagos, Nigeria.

This has got to stop soon because it clearly looks as if the truck owners are showing less concern for the increasing number of fallen container accidents nowadays.

On the 7th May 2019, another container fell off a moving truck on the Ojuelegba Bridge in Lagos and caused huge gridlock to the normal traffic flow. According to an update from TheCable news, an interviewed security operative while speaking with the reporters said;

“The load is too much for the body, so as it was climbing the bridge, it was rolling down. It is 40 feet tall,”


The fallen container caused traffic in this lane to get stuck for hours

When the truck driver was commenting on the accident, he claimed that it all happened because of another impatient driver who had overtaken him in a rush. His words were;

“As I was climbing the bridge, a bus overtook me and I had to stop. When I set out after the bus left, the gear dragged me back and the container turned and fell. It is not because of the break. There is no casualty. I was not the only one in the truck, we were three in number, but nothing happened to any of us.”


The overloading number of containers in this area is causing headache to authorities

From past reports that we have featured, it is clear that this is not the first time of seeing such an accident like this happen on this same Ojuelegba Bridge in Lagos. As a matter of fact, just last month, a similar accident occurred that got up to seven vehicles destroyed. Also, in June 2018, when a container packed with loads of plywood suddenly fell off a moving truck, it killed three people and destroyed a Toyota Corolla car as well as three commercial buses too.


This photo is from a past scene of similar fallen container accident on Ojuelegba Bridge

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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