Concept car of next-gen Nissan GT-R will be revealed soon


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Like the current version, next gen Nissan GT-R will be partly unveiled through concept cars.

Nissan GT-R, which has presented in the auto market for over 10 years, is a worldwide admired supercar for its muscular and futuristic design.

Being aware the world's longing for the introduction of next-gen GT-R, this automaker maintains its heat by cueing about a concept version. That model will has its premiere before the road-ready Nissan finishes its production.

Available Nissan GT-R now is rolled out in 2007. Prior to that, 2 concept cars had been released to quench the thirst of car fans all over the world. The first concept (called Nissan GT-R Concept) debuted in Tokyo Motor Show the year 2001 while the second named Nissan GT-R Proto was shown to the public in the same event 4 years later.

Nissan GT-R 2017 design

Nissan GT-R Concept 2001

Nissan GT-R Concept 2005

Current Nissan GT-R also had 2 concept cars to debut earlier

As for the next-gen version, Mr. Alfonso Albaisa who is the Senior VP Global Design of Nissan company asserted that the introduction of concept car was totally natural. He also drew a clear distinction between the all-new GT-R with the limited edition GTR 50.

He explained that GT-R 50 can't be considered the next version of this series as it's like a celebration for those spending time and effort to design these products. He also used the term "collector cars," not concepts as most people assume to call these editions. Meanwhile, Nissan GT-R or Nissan Q60 are truly icons which showcase the innovation and creativity of this automaker.

According to another source, the development of next-gen Nissan GT-R has just begun. The car design hasn’t even been finalized yet. However, we can be sure that the new model will remain its muscular look with a cutting-edge platform.

Nissan GT-R 2017 rear design

Nissan GT-R 2017 rear end

Nissan expects to make the next-gen GT-R the fastest car in its segment

The automaker aims to make GT-R the fastest in the segment, owing to some upgrades in electrification. The current model employs VR38DETT 3.8L twin-turbo V6 engine running on petrol to produce 570 PS at max as well as a peak torque of 637 Nm. This engine is also tuned for Godzilla’s NISMO to reach up to 600 PS with 652 Nm. Though the final decision on its engine has yet been made, the next-gen Nissan GT-R will certainly surpass this performance to lead its category.

Reports said that the all-new model will soon be introduced, but the most likelihood is after 5 years to come. Nonetheless, the concept car will arrive earlier. Don’t forget to check out daily news on for latest updates!

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