Women of Jigawa community buys a car for conveying pregnant ones to the hospital


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New report has it that some women of a local community in Jigawa state recently contributed money to buy a car for conveying the pregnant ones to the clinic.

Sometimes it is not enough to blame the government of a nation for not providing every resource needed to solve problems faced by rural communities. Yes, even if the government turns “deaf ears” to some of our requests; it is sometimes better for us to unite and come up with a viable solution to such problems.

This is exactly the lesson we learnt from a recent report confirming that women of a Jigawa state community simply contributed money to buy a new car which will now be used for emergency transport of the pregnant ones among them to the nearest clinic. Quite impressive, isn’t it?


Screenshot of tweet by Nigerian journalist who revealed the recent accomplishment of some women of a Jigawa State community

Abubakar Jari, a popular Nigerian journalist made this incredible achievement known to the public in one of his recent Twitter threads of posts. He revealed that some women of Bordo village in Jahun Local government area of Jigawa State collectively donated ₦1000 each to buy a car which will be used for medical welfare of the pregnant ones among them.

According to Abubakar Jari’s narration, the only clinic close to the community is 29-km away which makes it difficult to quickly get medical help for pregnant women in the past especially during labour. All that should now become a thing of the past as the women were able to pull up ₦1million from their donation and have now bought a new car that will be solely used for transporting the pregnant women to the clinic whenever they are in labour.

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