5 common car beliefs among Nigerians that are not true


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Did you know that there are so many common beliefs in Nigeria about cars which are usually wrong and mostly just myths? Check out 5 of them here!

Over the years, our ears have been filled with so many ridiculous beliefs that circulate the Nigerian communities, particularly about cars. At this time and age, Naijauto will never allow some of this misinformation to continue circulating and polluting the minds of Nigerians anymore.


With good research these days, anyone can easily find out if his car beliefs are true or not

Rather than joining the bandwagon of ridiculous car myths “spreader”, stay informed by checking the below facts about some top 5 common car myths among Nigerians which are usually not true.

1. Bigger SUVs/ Jeep are safer than smaller sedan cars

It’s a mystery how this false belief has managed to become a typical Nigerian mentality common among so many people. You will usually see most people dreaming of driving a bigger SUV a.k.a “Jeep” in Nigeria just because they believe it will be much safer than a small car.

Believe it or not, the gigantic size of a car does not make it safer automatically than all small cars. In fact, there are so many sedans, hatchbacks and smaller-sized cars that are way safer than the majority of SUVs you see on the Nigerian market today.


Seemingly safer at look but big SUVs are much harder to control or handle

With the exception of some modern luxury SUVs with high-end stability technologies, braking and manoeuvring at high speeds can be really daunting with most of the “Cheap” SUVs out there due to their weight.

2. Cars with above 100,000 mileage have become trash

This car myth is extremely popular when it comes to the buying and selling of used cars in Nigeria. You can hardly miss hearing this car myth when seeking advice on buying a used car in Nigeria. Unfortunately, its an advice that does not in any way apply to new/modern cars.


Well-maintained modern cars can go way beyond 100K miles and still be efficient

Except you are buying a car model that is more than two decades old, most well-maintained vehicles today can go as far as 250,000 miles with no major transmission or engine issues. So, next time you are browsing through Naijauto car listings or shopping anywhere in Nigeria for a used car, don’t let 100,000 mileage discourage you.

If you still wish to be sceptical, we rather advise you to take a trained mechanic with you to help diagnose and confirm the condition of the engine in the used car that you wish to buy.

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3. You can’t drive a car on empty tank for long-distance

The fact that your vehicle’s pointer is almost hitting or already at the “E” side (empty) does not mean you cannot drive the car for a little longer distance. Yes, we are confirming to you now that it is a total “myth” to claim that all cars cannot go much distance once the meter hits “Empty (E)”. The belief, however, holds true for some cars but not many.


Don’t be afraid to drive your car with an “Empty (E)” gauge reading to the nearest filling station – it will go!

 In order to clarify doubts about this particular car myth, we have highlighted all the major facts which you should know below;

  • Whenever a vehicle’s fuel gauge hits the “Empty (E)” spot, the tank is still usually going to have 1 to 3 gallons of fuel to spare. So, at such critical times, you can still drive the car to the nearest filling station even if it’s a bit far.
  • How far you can go when your car’s fuel gauge reads “Empty (E)” depends on the type of car you drive. This means that not all cars will go the same distance in such a scenario.

4. One Horsepower is equal to one horse in Reality

This is an absolute misconception that is Wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!!

Even though instincts might make one think that just because it called “horse”-power (hp) then, probably one unit of horsepower is equivalent to one fully-grown horse in reality. Here are the facts;

  • One fully-grown horse should be most likely measured to be a 14.9-horsepower equivalent or thereabout in reality when producing power at a peak
  • A human being is capable of being measured to be a 5-horsepower equivalent when at exhibiting power at his/her peak production range.

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One physical Horse (animal) is not in any way equal to one hp but instead approx. 14.9hp

5. Manual transmission distract drivers

This is one of the most ridiculous and impractical car myths we know about.

From our own point of view, the fact that manual transmission vehicles take out the possibilities or comfortability of having a “freehand” is more of an efficient way to help drivers stay focused.

It's rather obvious that automatic transmission vehicles are the ones that are most likely to cause distracted driving because you will hardly need to use your second “free” hand to change gears all through a journey and might end up using it do the following;

  • Eat while moving the steering with the other hand
  • Drink while driving
  • Hold the phone and keep talking or texting

When driving a car with a manual transmission, a driver has to be always focused and change gears manually in order to make a successful journey which will require both hands and more attention.

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  8 Car Myths You Actually Believed!! (Not True)

How long have you been hearing about some of these above top 5 car myths that are very common among Nigerians?

Now, that you know the truth and facts, remember to share this article with your friends and close ones to help them stay informed as well.

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