100 Colorado drivers stranded in a muddy field due to Google Map Error


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Ever thought nothing could go wrong using Google Map in your car for directions? These 100 drivers in Colorado, USA thought the same and got stranded! See their pics below!

Can you imagine getting lost, stuck and stranded in a muddy field because you followed Google maps directions? Naijauto surely does not wish such a thing happens to you or anyone.

About 100 drivers from Colorado were recently reported to have been faced with an unfortunate case of erroneous direction from Google Maps when it offered them a supposed shortcut path to escape traffic jam caused by a crash that had occurred on the Peña Boulevard. They followed the directions rightly but, got stuck and stranded in a muddy, sticky field.


Google Maps is not above mistake, watch out for the road it's leading you to avoid getting stranded

One of the victims, Connie Monsees claimed that she was headed to pick her husband at the airport when the incident happened. She narrated her story saying;

“I thought ‘maybe there’s a detour’ and pulled it up on Google Maps, and it gave me a a detour that was half the time,” she said. “It was 43 minutes initially, and it was going to be 23 instead — so I took the exit and drove where they told me to.

“There were bunches of other cars going down [the dirt road] too, so I said, ‘I guess it’s OK.’ It was not OK.”

And below is what Google said about the incident;

“We take many factors into account when determining driving routes, including the size of the road and the directness of the route,” the company said in a statement. “While we always work to provide the best directions, issues can arise due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather. We encourage all drivers to follow local laws, stay attentive, and use their best judgment while driving.”

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The situation left around 100 drivers in confusion

The initially mentioned lady; Connie Monsees was actually lucky enough to have a vehicle with powerful all-wheel-drive which enabled her to manoeuvre her way and got out of the sticky road. She even mentioned giving two other victims a free ride to the airport.

Next time you are following directions from Google Maps or even if it’s the one suggesting a shortcut to you, don’t just focus on the Maps alone; observe the environment and road to be sure it's not going to end up being a “muddy”, “sticky” one.

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