See what a $450 million classic car collection looks like!


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UK businessman Rodger Dudding is famous for his over $450 million worth car collection. You'll be amazed by his outstanding fleet of classic cars. Check out the video!

Think you have seen the largest car collection? Maybe not. UK Business man Rodger Dudding classic car collection is about to blow your mind!

While driving cars is a survival mechanism for a lot of people, for the rich and famous, it’s more of a hobby. They collect cars like art works, going for whichever one that tickles their fancy. Rodger Dudding is one of such people.


Rodger Dudding is obsessed with classic cars (Photo source: Marcus Hessenberg)

Call him a car freak if you want, and you probably wouldn’t be wrong. The multiple car owner has been collecting cars for over 50 years, and he isn’t tired yet. Some cars in his garage are older than so many people living in the world today, dating as far back as 1918. That’s 101 years old!

The classic car collection has cars that are 101 years old

In his garage, are different car brands from different automakers including the most popular ones around. All of these cars are estimated to cost over $45 million.

Such a huge collection would understandably be overwhelming for an elderly man to handle. As a result of this, he hired a team to be in charge of managing the cars. He came up with the idea of going into rental business, renting out his cars for films, TV, photoshoots and other activities, and he’s making good money from the venture.


This man is called Mr. Lock-up!

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