London trumps New York and Moscow to be the city with the most supercars in the world


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Where is the easiest place to catch the sight of a supercar? London stands out as the top in the list of 3 best cities with most supercars.

The wow effect that supercars have on audiences around the world cannot be underrated. It is not an uncommon thing to find an Aston Martin belonging to a billionaire pass the street of New York without finding droves of people trying to take pictures for their Instagram or other social media pages. It is reported that more than 148 million supercars have been featured on Instagram in one form or another. But which city in the world will you find the highest number of supercars to become the supercar capital of the world? Naijauto brings you three most supercar-littered cities and, which city is king in number terms. Check out the cities with most supercars now!


The research is based on the Instagram posts in these cities

The supercar most likeliest!

Based on social media activities the most likely of the supercars easily found on the streets of London, Moscow, Los Angeles or New York, and hence popular on social media especially Instagram are the Lamborghinis, Porches, and Ferraris. These cars have been posted more times on Instagram than any other supercars.

Brand Posts
Ferrari 52,846,260
Lamborghini 48,184,444
Porsche 43,166,626
McLaren 17,673,983
Bentley 17,517,132
Bugatti 16,850,649
Maserati 11,278,676
Aston Martin 10,56,598
Pagani 7,977,568
Koenigsegg 4,903,286
Hennessey Venom 520,781
Lykan Hypersport 483,673

Supercars with the most posted pictures on social media

On the other end of the totem pole is the least likely of the supercars, The Lykan Hypersport sold for $3.4M. This supercar has the least posted picture on Instagram or the entire social media as a whole and can mostly be seen on the streets of Dubai and St. Petersburg in Russia.


A Ferrari is the most likely supercar found on the streets of London, Moscow and Los Angeles

Other supercars in between these ranks are Bentleys which are very visible in London, Moscow, and Dubai. Also, The Aston Martins graces the streets of London, Istanbul in Turkey and Los Angeles.

The Supercar-littered City Rankings – Which are the cities with most supercars?

Where is it the fastest city in the world you can easily find a supercar to pose with and post on your Instagram page for your friends and audience? Well, your guess is about to be confirmed or not! Keep reading, and you’ll find out.


A Lamborghini comes close on the list of most likely supercars to find on the streets of London

3. Los Angeles – the city of stars and angels

This is known as the city of stars as it is home to a lot of Hollywood stars and sports stars. It is also well known for its glamour, luxury, and fast cars.


McLaren is never far away on the streets of Los Angeles - Do you want a shot with it?

This city, sometimes referred to as the city of fallen angels, falls to the third position in the city with the most supercars. It is quite normal to find a McLaren or a Ferrari on the streets of Los Angeles. However, out of the more than 148 million pictures posted on Instagram of supercars, 4 million of those were taken from Los Angeles ahead of New York which had 3.7 million images posted.

2. Moscow – the city that never sleeps

This city boasts of a population of 13.2million residents and 5.9 million supercars posted on Instagram.


Bentley features high among the list of supercars posted on Instagram

It is very likely to have a Porsche or a Bentley pass by while waiting to catch a bus in Moscow. The city that never sleeps holds the second position of cities that have the most supercars.

1. London – the supercar capital of the world

If a supercar possession were a sport, London would hold a gold medal for the number of supercars available in this city. The number of supercars’ pictures posted on Instagram from the city of London is a huge 6.1million picture, trumping both Moscow and Los Angeles.

Summertime is supercar time on the roads of London - Don't miss out this summer

The summer periods are the time when Arab billionaires show up in London with their supercars

It is a beautiful sight to behold especially in summer when the oil-rich billionaires of the Middle East transport their supercars to London to enjoy the warm weather and to escape the harsh heat of the Middle East at this time. Supercars of all shapes, sizes, makes, and colours can be seen during this period.

Ranks City Volume Percentage (%)
1 London 6,146,924 4.15
2 Moscow 5,909,934 3.99
3 Los Angeles 4,073,263 2.75
4 New York 3,702,966 2.5
5 Dubai 3,658,531 2.47
6 Paris 3,406,729 2.3
7 Istanbul 3,332,670 2.25
8 Monaco 2,903,126 1.96
9 Stuttgart 2,799,443 1.89
10 Toronto 1,881,107 1.27

City ranks by volume of supercar pictures posted per city

So there you have it, the supercar capital of the world for all supercar lovers who are willing to take that trip to London, be rest assured that you’ll be dazed with the sheer number supercars per square kilometer that you’ll find in London, and of course you’ll be able to post enough pictures for your fans. Or if London is quite far to reach, other cities with most supercars like Moscow or Los Angeles can be the alternative as well.

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