10 Christmas gifts for a Nigerian car lover


Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam

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A portable tyre pump or customized key holder are pretty but inexpensive gifts you can give your loved ones for Christmas. This article will give you more ideas of Christmas gifts for a Nigerian car lover. Read on for more.

It’s that time of the year again when many around the world in the holiday spirit plan to share gifts with family and friends, or even that person they don't particularly like. It's Christmas after all! Bundled in with this group of potential awardees are some car enthusiasts you know. While some just like cars, others are outright car freaks. If you are not one yourself, you probably know at least one car lover and might be wondering the best Christmas gift to give him or her besides an actual car. Well, this seasonal article brought to you by Naijauto.com will give you the best Christmas gift ideas for car enthusiasts around you.

Best Christmas gifts for car lovers

1. Pack of auto-care products

An auto-care pack could consist of cleaning products such as liquid soap, fiber sponge and towel, dashboard polish, tire brushes, a portable vacuum cleaner and car air freshener to keep things smelling nice. Depending on what your budget is, you can also throw in a rubber hose with sprinkler head or you can get them a customized bucket with their name or the name of their favorite car brand on it.


A pack of auto-care products will be appreciated by your loved one for Christmas

This is an exceptionally thoughtful Christmas gift for a Nigerian car lover who loves the do-it-yourself car wash.

2. Smartphone dash mount

This is another great Christmas gift for a lover of cars. A smartphone dash mount is a cool and quite essential accessory to have in every car both in season and out of season.

A dashboard smartphone mount will keep the driver hands-free allowing him to put his calls on loudspeaker or answer through his Bluetooth device.


A smartphone dash mount is a great Christmas gift

The Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC has banned the use of the Google map app while driving in Nigeria but has afterward explained that Google maps may be activated before the journey begins; thus a smartphone mount is a perfect Christmas gift for a car guy or gal as it enables the driver keep the phone within visible range.

3. Battery jump starter

A car jump starter is a handy tool that is used in jump starting a car engine in the event of a dead car battery emergency. Not only is a car jump starter a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend, or dad or maybe your favorite uncle, it is also affordable.


You can buy a jump starter from online stores in Nigeria

You can buy and send a jump starter kit from online stores like Jumia or Konga and have it delivered to your loved one’s address.

4. Personalized key holder

Every car freak will definitely like some customization in their name. You can buy a beautiful keyholder either of leather or plastic and have their names either embossed or imprinted on one side. You can have your own personal words imprinted on the other side of the key holder. Not only is this a great Christmas gift, but it will also help them remember you anytime they pick up their car keys.


Every car freak will definitely like some customization in their name

5. Key finder

Who has never misplaced their car keys at some point when they needed it most? A key finder is surely one of the best Christmas gifts for a Nigerian car lover. It is one of the best things you can do for a car owner. What that is useful for is that in case they misplace their keys, they can find it very quickly and be on their way without wasting time looking.


A key finder is surely one of the best Christmas gifts for a car lover

6. Tool kit

A kit containing all the necessary tools for routine maintenance in a car is a great way to show love to your loved one during Christmas. Tools such as different sizes and types of spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, and jacks are required for different reasons in a car from time to time.


A tool kit is always helpful in the event of a car break down

Take our word for it that your friend will be extremely thankful the next time he needs a spanner to change his tires in an emergency and your gift comes in handy.

7. Car cover

For a country like Nigeria where the weather is mostly hot and dusty, a car cover is a great gift for anyone that loves to take extra care of their cars. You can get your special someone a matching car cover for their brand of car.


You can get your loved one a fancy car cover as Christmas gift

Besides the regular car covers that you know, there are quite a number of fancy car covers which come in the form of a car canopy that will pass the message of love to your loved one as a Christmas gift.

8. Car MP3 player

A plugin MP3 player for cars is another great gift you can give your lover as a Christmas gift. You may go a step further to make the gift a memorable one by loading it with your lover’s favorite songs so they can jam to it while behind the wheels.


A car MP3 player is a great Christmas gift for every car lover

9. Portable tire pump

Portable tire pumps or inflators are handy devices for pumping deflated car tires on the spot. These devices are beginning to be quite popular in Nigeria. They come in handy in the event of a deflated car tire.

Giving a tire pump gift to your dad or girlfriend will have them thankful to you the next time they have a deflated tire and are able to take care of it on the spot without wasting time. Some tire pumps are rechargeable while others can be powered by plugging it into the cigarette port of any vehicle.


Portable tire pumps or inflators are handy devices for pumping deflated car tires on the spot

It is ideal for pumping tires of lightweight cars such as sedans, buses, and SUVs.

10. OBD II scanner

An Onboard Diagnostic II scanner is a device that is used to scan and diagnose problems in cars. Examples of car problems that can be diagnosed by the help of OBD II scanners are failed oxygen sensors or heat sensors.

An OBD II scanner displays error codes that are meant to be interpreted to decipher what the problem is with the car. This is an exceptionally thoughtful gift for a car lover.


An Onboard Diagnostic II scanner is a device that is used to scan and diagnose problems in cars

Now that you have seen the best Christmas gifts for a Nigerian car lover, go on and enjoy the yuletide with your loved ones.

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