Chris Brown spends ₦127.6 million on a new bulletproof army truck


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Blow your mind with the lavish army truck that appears in Chris Brown’s car collection recently.

Chris Brown threw down $350,000 (₦127.6 million), an astronomical sum of money for a crazy SUV, as he said for his safety. That’s a Rezvani Tank with the original cost about $159,000 (₦57.9 million), but the famous artiste spent a plus of $155,000 (₦69.7 million) on its upgrade into a bulletproof truck.

It can be said that this American rapper has an original taste as you hardly see a superstar pay such a huge amount for such a car. Now, let see what it looks like:

A Rezvani Tank

Chris Brown’s new automobile: a bulletproof version from Rezvani Tank

Chris Brown and his bulletproof army truck

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