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Some passengers who boarded the Chisco Transport Service during the Christmas holidays have come out to narrate the ordeal they experienced. Read their story!

Some passengers who boarded Chisco Transport Service during the Christmas holiday have criticized the transport service provider for the alleged ill-treatment meted to them.

The incident was said to have happened on December 23, 2019, with passengers boarding the bus from their Lagos terminal in Jibowu and heading to Aba, Abia State.

Naijauto gathered that the Chisco bus the travelers boarded developed a fault just a few hours into the journey at Sagamu, Ogun State.


The passengers were stranded after the Chisco bus broke down at Sagamu, Ogun State

Reports gathered said the bus driver abandoned the travelers at Sagamu around 12 midnight and later showed up around 5 am.

One of the passengers identified as Jerry Douglas told local media that calls were put through to the transport service company to send an alternative bus but it was futile as their appeals were shunned. The stranded passengers ended up sleeping outside, under the cold weather.

Douglas added that they all reported at the police station in Sajama and the driver was later arrested.

It took three days before the passengers could get to their respective destinations, according to Douglas who also said that his son took ill and he ended up spending Christmas in a hospital.

On this incident, he narrated:

I bought tickets for my wife, kid and I around noon on Monday; the actual fare we saw on the firm’s website was N9,000 per passenger, but on getting to the Jibowu terminus, the lady at the counter said the fare was N13,000 and I bought three tickets and went back home.

We got to the terminus around 6pm because the departure time was 7pm, but as of 9pm, there was no bus in sight. The bus arrived around some minutes past 9pm and passengers questioned the condition of the vehicle, because it was not looking good and the tickets that we bought indicated that the bus was fully air-conditioned.

The company insisted that that was the bus that would convey us and the passengers refused to board it, but later some boarded and when I asked for a refund, I was told that there was not going to be a refund; so, we had no choice but to join the bus.

Just after the Redemption Camp around the Sagamu interchange, the bus stopped moving and when we asked the driver, he could not give us any explanation; he just said there was a fault and that he wanted to see what he could do. That was the last we saw of him around 12am until he resurfaced around 5am.

When he came back, we asked him why he left us on the road in the middle of the night without any explanation or apology, but he only told us to wait for another bus that was coming. We waited for a while and when we did not see any bus, we went to the Sagamu Police Station to report and the driver was arrested.

When we got to the station, we found out that the driver had been communicating with the wrong person as he did not inform the manager. When we called the manager to tell him our plight, he apologised and promised to do something, but we did not hear from him again until the police called and told him that their driver would spend the night at the station if the firm did not provide another bus for us.

That was when someone called me around 10am that another bus was on its way to convey us and when the bus came, it was a 25-passenger vehicle that was also not looking good, but we had no choice.

At that point, the passengers with bigger luggage were screened out from following the bus, because the driver said he could not carry more than the weight of the bus; so, the other passengers had to stay back.

We left Sagamu for Aba but we had to make stopovers to either put water in the vehicle’s radiator or do some other things every 30 minutes. The driver managed the bus to their terminus in Owerri, where another bus was provided to convey us to Aba. Immediately we got to Aba around 1am on December 25, 2019, I had to check my son into hospital. The company made my family spend Christmas in hospital.


The passengers slammed Chisco Transport company over their faulty bus

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Another passenger named Leonard Atobe also narrated his ordeal and how he was supposed to deliver a good in Calabar. He was forced to board another bus after their own broke down. He complained that Chisco Transport Service made him spend another money on transportation.

I was trying to make a delivery on time, but Chisco put us on an old vehicle after paying to be conveyed by a new bus. I paid N13,000 for each of the three tickets I bought and I paid for the goods that I was going to deliver.

I was supposed to deliver the goods on December 25, but the bus disappointed and the owner of the goods said I must find the means of getting them to him. I was going to Calabar but I decided to get to Aba first before taking a chartered vehicle to my final destination, but the vehicle did not get far before it stopped.

The company knew that the vehicle was not good but it purposely brought it out to convey us so as to collect money from us. Chisco made me to spend extra N120,000 to convey the goods to Calabar. I want the company to refund the money that I used to charter another vehicle.

After the incident went viral online, the CEO Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), Babatunde Irukera reached out to the Senior Executives of Chisco Transport Nig Ltd and they gave a word of assurance to compensate the passengers.

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Douglas said,

I was told to come on January 1, 2020, and when I got there, I was told that the firm would get back to me, which it never did; and when I did not hear from Chisco again, I called and I was told that the head of operations had approved a refund for the passengers and I was told to get in contact with him, which I did.

The head of operations told me that he had approved the refund of the three tickets that I bought, but the company has not made the refund.

When Chisco's head of operations, Ferguson Emmanuel was contacted, he said the money for refund has been approved and forwarded to their accounts section to commence payment.

Douglas later told the local media that he saw an alert for the refund for the 3 tickets he purchased, on Tuesday.

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