Chinese engineers come up with brilliant way to relocate a 30,000-tonne bus terminal


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China is a heavy weight as far as technological advancement and innovation is concerned. Check out how a 30,000-tonne 5-storey bus terminal was moved!

China is currently at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement on the planet. There is literally nothing this country cannot do in terms of making impossibilities possible. As rightly reported to us here on Naijauto, we learnt that Chinese engineers have successfully moved a bus terminal, weighing 30,000-tonne to another new location, without dismantling the infrastructure.


It took the engineers 40 days to completely relocate the 5-storey bus terminal weighing 30,000 tonnes

How the bus terminal was moved

This amazing event happened in April, 2019 when the five-storey Houxi Long Distance Bus Station was taken off its original space to create room for a high-speed railway station.

Just you know; the weight of this bus terminal can be equaled to 2 Brooklyn Bridges or 170 Boeing 747s commercial aircrafts. It took a stunning forty days to completely relocate this structure to its new location.


The intent for this 90 degree horizontal rotation was to create space for the new high-speed railway station

In 2015, the relocated Houxi Long Distance Bus Station was opened to the general public, featuring 3 storeys above the ground and 2 storeys underground.

To get started what looked like an impossible task to many, the workers dug the soil between the new and old locations out. They slid it to ninety degree along the rolling track after putting up to 523 hydraulic jacks underneath the huge 5-storey building.


The Guinness World Record feat is a testament to the possibility of anything with the right mindset

According to project leader of the Xiamen Port Construction, Wei Xinhai, he said:

“The first goal was to ensure the safety of the original structure,”

“The second goal was to meet the construction schedule of the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway, which has been put on track,”

30,000 tonne bus station’s record-setting move

He stunned us more when he disclosed that not even a single piece of glass was shattered or broken in the bus station during the 90 degree horizontal rotation of the terminal. We knew this feat wouldn’t go unnoticed as it was awarded the Guinness World Record on 6, September, 2019 for the longest arc rotation of a pivoted structure.

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Other impressive transportation infrastuctures in China

China is a big player when it comes to mesmerizing us with the most shocking transportation infrastructures in the world. Some of these are what we couldn't expect to witness in our lietime couple of years back. Check out these surreal infrastructures in China:

1. ₦615.4 billion ($1.7b) Wuhan Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge


This is a perfect blend of rail and road bridge that spans across the Yangtze River in the city of Wuhan

2. ₦615.4 billion ($1.7b) Nanjing Metro


Completed in 2005, this station is used by an estimated 2 million people a day 

3. ₦651.6 billion ($1.8b) Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge


At the length of 16 miles, it is the 5th world's longest cable-stayed bridge

4. ₦767.4 billion ($2.12b) Wuhan Railway Station


This railway station serves some of the fastest trains on the planet, running at 186 mph

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5. ₦2.85 trillion ($7.89b) Su-Tong Yangtze River Bridge


Covering the cities of Nantong and Changshu at 3,600 feet, this bridge is the 2nd longest cable-stayed bridge in the world

6. ₦5.06 trillion ($14b) Harbin–Dalian High-Speed Railway


This is the first alpine bridge on the planet that operates at low temperature and high altitude

7. ₦5.79 trillion ($16b) Jiaozhou Bay Bridge


The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is the longest cross-sea bridge in the world, covering almost 26 miles

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