Chinese President armored Hongqi: "It doesn't look right to sit in a foreign car"


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The current Chinese President, Xi Jiping, has paid a 2-day official visit to Nepal, riding in his Chinese-made armored beast. The country leader shares he feels not right when sitting in foreign cars, always opting for local made products. See pictures and his sharing here!

In every country, the number one citizen is the President or the person that wields the ultimate political power. It is absolutely normal for such person to enjoy certain privileges. One of these privileges is optimal security, which includes what the president moves in while on the road.


China's President decided to ride in the armoured Hongqi on his two-day official visit to Nepal

Chinese President rides in Chinese-made Hongqi armored car

A report has been compiled by the Naijauto team on the recent visit of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to Nepal on an official state business. The President rode in a very rare, made-in-China Hongqi N501 limo while on a 2-day visit to the country.

There is no doubt that it has been a really long time that a Chinese President last visited Nepal, and Xi Jinping couldn’t resist the urge to appear after 23 years of the last presidential visit. He did so in style and optimal protection.

Xi Jinping was graciously welcomed at the Tribhuvan International Airport into the receiving hands of the President of Nepal, Bidya Devi Bhandari and KP Sharma Oli, who happens to be the country’s Prime Minister.


Full specs of this one-off Presidential Hongqi are yet to be revealed to the general public

To secure the Chinese President more on the road, his armoured Hongqi usually moves alongside a look-alike beast limo, which acts as camouflage along with other protective vehicles such as the luxury Mercedes GL-based BAIC BJ90 SUV.

Just like we have reported here severally on the Senat Aurus Limo, also known as 'bunker on the wheel' used by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the Chinese President's use of this model is a welcome attempt to promote made-in-China products and project them to the world.

To further buttress this, a directive was sent to the cadres of the Communist Party in 2012 by the President on the use of made-in-China cars.

He said:

“It doesn’t look right to sit in a foreign car,”

“Lots of foreign leaders use limousines of their own country, unless there isn’t one.”

This armoured model, Hongqi N501, was unveiled in 2018 and we are yet to fully get the full specifications of this one-off model. We guess this has to do with security protocol.

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What next for Nigeria?

A lot of world leaders are now selling their countries’ brands to the world by using them as official cars and making appearances with them at world summits. Just like the US president who drives a Cadillac ‘The Beast, the Queen of England rides in a Bentley State Limo and even the official state car for the German president is the German-made Mercedes-Benz S600. We sincerely hope our leaders can start turning eyes on the Nigerian-made Innoson brand, whose products can really compete with most of these brands.


Innoson premium armoured vehicles can offer similar optimal security to top office holders in Nigeria

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