Chinese dog tests his driving skills, drives car into pond (video)


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A Chinese dog decided to test his driving skills when he was left alone in the car. He ended up driving the car into a pond. Watch the hilarious video!

There is a reason why they say dog is man’s best friend. The little creatures nurtured as pets continue to act in funny ways. It is all cute until their acts become a pain in the neck. A Chinese storekeeper, Jia, got an unpleasant surprise when his dog decided to test his driving skills.


The car owner was beyond surprised seeing his car and dog in the pond

A video circulating online shows a dog driving a car into a pond. This might seem farfetched, but it is a true event captured on Close Circuit Television (CCTV). Here is what transpired.

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Jia went out with his pet called Pooch on December 10, 2019. He got out of the car to go pick some items at home, leaving Pooch in the car. Since he would not take long, he decided to leave his ignition on.

An excited Pooch decided to test his driving skills. With no one around to stop him, he mounted the driver’s seat, and engaged the car in the driving mode. The car started moving, and landed into the pond. Seeing the damage of his actions, Pooch began to struggle for his life. At this point, Jia came out, and saw the chaos going on. He called for help immediately, and the locals around came to his rescue. Thankfully, naughty Pooch was rescued. But of course, the car was greatly damaged from water.

Watch the video:

Chinese dog accidentally drives car into pond

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