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Have you ever thought if it's possible to make a complete copy of some of the world's popular and costly cars? These Chinese copycat cars will blow your mind!

When you make a photocopy of a document, it looks almost exactly like the original right? Well, wouldn’t it be crazy to think about the possibility of making a cheap replica copy of a popular automobile?

Naijauto.com has found some fascinating and mind-blowing Chinese replica of some popular cars you already know and love. One could literally say that nothing is impossible anymore for Chinese engineers to build. Prepare your mind to be blown away as we list and discuss the few copycat cars, we found in a Chinese auto show. See them below:

1. Zotye SR7 (Audi Q3 mimic)

The tire wells, belt-line, pillars, and even the trunk of this Zotye SR7 had been cloned directly from the Audi Q3.


Audi Q3


Zotye SR7 Chinese vehicle

Only the tail lights were pulled from an Audi Q7. Looking at this Zotye SR7 from afar, you would think its definitely an Audi Q3.

2. Zotye SR9 (Porsche Macan mimic)

Going through all the cloned cars on this list, we could almost say that this Zotye SR9 is the best-known clone among all of them.


Trying to differentiate between the Porsche Macan and the Zotye SR9 could throw one in an infinite loop

You will be thrown aback by the number of similarities between the Zotye SR9 and the Porsche Macan. The Zotye SR9 copied almost all the sweet features from the interiors to every single corner of the original Porsche Macan. This is definitely one hell of a copycat car.

3. Hanteng X7 (BMW x1 mimic)

Can you imagine that the Chinese cloned version of the BMW X1 is actually named Hanteng X7? So, the original is named X1 and they named the clone as X7 Lmao.




Hanteng X7 Chinese vehicle

In this kind of scenario, our Igbo brothers will say “these Chinese guys won’t kill person oo”.

4. BAIC BJ40L (Jeep Liberty mimic)

With all sincerity, one could almost accept that this BAIC BJ40L Chinese version beats the original Jeep - the American Jeep Liberty.


American Jeep Liberty


BAIC BJ40L Chinese vehicle

Yes, these Chinese guys are undeniably very good at this stuff. It’s like that old high school friend that always scores higher marks than you after he would have copied you throughout the entire exam sessions Lol. Such is life, huh?

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5. BAIC BJ80 (Mercedes Benz G-Class mimic)

That moment you would think it’s almost over, that’s when the Chinese guys will come out with another episode wonder. This is just how we can simply describe what they have done with their BAIC BJ80 which surprisingly is a cloned version of the great German icon – Mercedes Benz (G wagon). We know some readers would be thinking, is it possible?


Mercedes Benz G-wagon


Chinese BAIC BJ80 vehicle

Yes, it is possible and has already been done. Even the German icon – Mercedes Benz was not spared this time around by the Chinese copycat automobile makers. They dubbed the “Benz G wagon” Lol. But we will absolutely argue that the G-Force power will be too much for this Chinese BAIC BJ80 to live up to. It just wouldn’t due to many reasons which we will discuss in future articles. So, if you are a fan of the G-Wagon, fear not.

What do you think of these copycats?

Can people start patronizing these Chinese cheap copycat car manufacturers more than the original brand companies?

All these questions cannot be answered or predicted correctly by anyone yet. Rather it will be best to let time decide. Let’s sit back, relax and wait to see what happens with these Chinese copycat car manufacturers and the automobile consumer market.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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