China to have 16.2km underwater bullet train route by 2025


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China's underwater bullet train route is expected to be put into operation by 2025. See details now!

Parallel with fast-growing economic development, science and technology, are also emerging fields of China. The country now keeps the world record of the biggest bullet railway network and fastest trains.

Recently, the Chinese government has been working on their plan to build a new 77km (~47.8 miles) underwater high-speed train route. This will include an undersea tunnel with 16.2 km length, nearly 4.4 km longer than the total length of the Third Mainland bridge in Lagos state.

an underwater train

China’s ambition: undersea bullet train route connecting Ningbo and Zhoushan

The project that has estimated cost about 25.2 billion yuan or ($3 billion or ₦1.1trillion) will start being constructed next year and finished by 2025. It promises to connect Zhoushan (the home to the 1st oversea factory of U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing) and the East Station of Ningbo by using bullet trains with the top speed approximately 250 km/hr.

The Chinese officials hope this route will reduce the travel time between two cities from 4.5 hours to 1.3 hours only, as well as enhance tourism.

Video: China Green lights First Underwater High Speed Railway [BREAKING NEWS]

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