China is the first country to launch traffic control Robot officers


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Is this the future of traffic control jobs? See the new robot officers that China will soon adopt for executing its traffic control duties. See robots here!

Naijauto recently came across a new report on the team of robots that a northern Chinese city has now put out for delivering road traffic police operations. Yes, you read that right. We are talking about real robot traffic police!


Meet the new “robot traffic police” in China

These new robot officers will be able to adequately carry out some basic traffic control tasks like information consulting, patrolling and also the provision of various accident alerts.

The traffic control robots are all loaded with lots of sensors that enable each one to independently move around in any direction autonomously. They are also capable of assisting human traffic police officers by taking instant photos of any vehicle caught violating direct traffic, parking rules and they can as well help with the driver’s license verification.

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These “robot traffic police” are developed with the aim of assisting human traffic officers by reducing their work intensity

According to China’s deputy head of TMRI (Traffic Management Research Institute) in the Ministry of Public Security, Zhou Zuoying – these robots are officially the first “robot traffic police” in China.


Prepare to start seeing this new “robot traffic police” in strategic public locations like airports and train stations in China

Also, these traffic robot officers are designed for use at both working and non-working hours especially in strategic public locations like airports and train stations with the aim of reducing the local human traffic police’s work intensity.

All these robots are developed by different parties in China, one of which is the Handan Municipal Public Security Bureau located in the Hebei Province, China.

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