China self-driving smart bus allows passenger to scan biometric data to pay for food


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The future has finally arrived! Just with your palm, you can pay and buy food and drinks right inside this self-driving bus, now operational in China. See details of how it operates here!

The Chinese self-driving smart bus, called Panda bus is twelve-meters long, which is now in operation in Tianjin, China, is where just by scanning your palm, you can pay for food and drinks.


With your palm using, the bio-metric scanner, you can pay and buy food and drinks inside the bus

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Every electrified Panda bus comes equipped with Level 3-4 autonomous features, artificial intelligence enabled, which indicate the absence of driver’s hand on the steering wheel.


The smart self-driving bus, now in operation in China, doesn't necessarily need the hands of the driver on the wheel

The smart bus is not just about self-driving capabilities, it also comes with biometric scanners for food and drinks payment inside the bus, smart sensors for advertisement, voice recognition, in-vehicle robot assistants, phone charging sockets, in-vehicle cameras, intelligent emergency escape system and access to 5G internet.

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Smart self-driving buses put into operation in Tianjin, China

This is indeed the future of transportation!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

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