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Glass bridges are meant to be scary but China glass bridge has gone even further with crack effect to scare the heck out of you. Check the hilarious yet thrilling video!

What if tomorrow, Nigeria builds and owns one of the top world glass bridges? Wouldn't it draw a lot of tourist attraction to our country? These are the questions that have gotten us to make our findings on the top world glass bridges and everything we found about these bridges was just breathtaking.

1. What is a Glass bridge?

A glass bridge is of course constructed from glass. It can make anyone truly believe that nothing is “impossible” on earth. finds glass bridges fascinating, astonishing, unbelievable and scary at the same time because most glass bridges are built up in the mid-air, connecting the peaks of mountains as in China for example. That's why glass bridges, especially one-of-a-kind China glass bridges attract millions of visitors each year.

There is quite a reasonable number of glass platforms, bridges, and walkways which appear in different spectacular locations all over the world today. Don’t be surprised that China is one nation that happens to be leading in this new innovation as they currently have a good number of them.

2. China glass bridges: not for the faint-hearted

2.1. The Tianmen Mountain Walkway

This you might just say is a crazy glass walkway on the cliffside. It is located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan region of China and has been opened since November 2011. This walkway clings to the vertical cliffs at a high altitude of about 1.4km. It is simply jaw-dropping.


The Tianmen Mountain Walkway is clanged to vertical cliffs at about 1.4km altitude


Most people hold onto the cliff to survive

2.2. The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

This breathtaking glass bridge is just brilliant in design. It is also located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan region of China and has been opened since August 2016. This bridge is a terrifying glass walkway sitting at 300m above a beautiful mountain valley.

Image-of-the- Zhangjiajie-Glass-Bridge

The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is currently the longest glass bridge in the world

It currently holds the title of “the world’s longest glass bridge” and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in that region. During the safety test of this glass bridge, a sledgehammer was used to smash one of its panels severally and afterward, they drove a car over that already smashed panel and it never shattered into pieces. That was the extreme test that proves how safe the glass walkway can sustain the weight of people crossing over it for many years from its opening.

You might think this is scary enough? No, take a look at the next one!

2.3. The Haohan Qiao Bridge

One could lose all of his/her confidence when standing on this glass suspension bridge. Even though the strength and safety of this glass bridge have been proving many times with various extreme test. Yet, the internet is flooded with lots of hilarious videos of tourists who would suddenly start crying out of fear when they get to the middle of the bridge 😊.


The Haohan Qiao bridge has been informally nicknamed “Brave men’s bridge”

The glass suspension bridge is also located in China at the Pingjiang county region. It stands at a 180m height above the valley floor with a total length of 300m and has been informally named “Brave Men’s Bridge”. It was opened in September 2015 and it’s made of glass of 24mm thickness. This glass bridge has been stated to be capable of carrying 800 visitors together at once, that’s how safe and strong it is.

Check this video below & guess what you would do the same when walking on these bridges?

China glass bridge - Crack effect & hilarious reactions!

3. Other top world glass bridges

If you have not heard about or seen pictures of a glass bride before, prepare to be blown away by these glass bridges we will be discussing below. We will only be highlighting the important features of each of these bridges as this article cannot contain all the nitty-gritty. Here they are:

3.1. The Dachstein Skywalk

This is a glass overhang located in Salzburg, Austria. It is nothing more than an aerial wonderland. It was opened in July 2013 and it sits at a 2,700m on the greatest mountain range of Europe (Alps).


The Dachstein Skywalk is truly an aerial wonderland when observed closely

It has many fascinating features that overall just gives you the Dachstein Glacier in a dramatic kind of view.

3.2. The Glacier Skywalk

This is another glass overhang type structure but this time located in Canada at the Jasper National Park. It is a U-shaped walkway that stretches out from the rocks by 100ft and it was opened officially in April 2014.


The Glacier Skywalk is a 1,000ft high U-shaped glass overhang located in Jasper National Park

Its shape and construction make it possible for visitors standing on the skywalk to be able to look down straight at over 1,000ft height from the ground. Also, looking up from this skywalk, you will get to see the Canadian Rockies at stunning views.

3.3. The Aiguille du Midi Skywalk

This is an astonishing glass box located in Chamonix, France and opened since December 2013. It is a box made of triple-layered 12mm-thick glass and positioned at a 3,842m altitude.

This glass box provides a beautiful view of the Mont Blanc and looking down from inside it, one would see the Bossons Glacier just below. It generally just gives the feeling as if one is floating in the air when inside it.


The Aiguille du Midi Skywalk is made of triple-layered glass while standing at a 3,842m altitude

3.4. The Infinity Room – House on the rock

Opened in 1985 and located between Spring Green and Dodgeville, Wisconsin, U.S.A. This is a precipice with a glass pane on it. The House on the Rock is already known to be a curiosity complex that is bizarre. But it became simply breathtaking with the Infinity Room sticking out 66m from this same House on the Rock.

This is probably the very first world glass bridge based on its opening time - 1985.


The Infinity room extends out from the House on the Rock tourist attraction center Wisconsin, USA

Alex Jordan Jr envisioned this masterpiece in the 1940s. It is a sort of constructed precipice with 3,264 glass windows and has a 100m of concrete counterbalance. It then has a glass section which is 47m high from the valley right below it.

3.5. The Ngong Ping 360

An amazing cable car with a glass bottom that gives people an adrenalin rush. Yes, even though its safety has also been tested severally and guaranteed, it still gets really scary for some tourist. Climbing up and over the harbor as well as the forested mountains on a beautiful ride of 5.7Km to the Tian Tan Buddha in the Lantau Island.


The Ngong Ping 360 cable car with glass bottom could cause anyone an adrenalin rush during its ride

This cable car with glass floor was opened in September 2006 and it is located in Hong Kong at the Lantau Island. It is worth mentioning that an empty cabin actually fell off during a test of the cable car that was carried out back in the year 2007. Even though the operators involved during the incident were all changed afterward, the incident still causes fear in the mind of some tourist till date.

4. Conclusion

We can be sure that if you really took the time to read about each of these world most scary glass bridges, particularly those China glass bridges on the cliff by now your mind must have been blown away, right?

That's how amazing they are. But, this type of insight into the advancement in technology that could have landed nations like China to be able to successfully build such spectacular glass bridges brings us to the question; When will Nigeria get there? It is not really a matter of comparing our dear Nation Nigeria with top world countries like China, No! It is a question of "Do we have the resources in our country to build such glass bridges?"

The famous Lagos Third Mainland Bridge has been built and opened for public traffic since the year 1990 yet it remains the only bridge we could even really be proud of till now. It amazing how concepts like this top world glass bridges do not only serve as a tourist attraction but also generate massive revenue for those nations that have one or two of them. Just like some other amazing bridges too like the world’s longest sea bridge or the world’s highest bridge which not only solves huge traffic problems for the nations that built and own them, they generate a good amount of revenue from tourism for such nations as well.

So, for you our dear readers, we are simply saying that it’s time for us all to be fully aware of how badly our dear country Nigeria needs better roads for our automobiles as well as good bridges to solve our everyday frustrating traffic problems. And the best part about building beautifully designed bridges is that they will not only help eradicate major traffic jams but also serve as tourist attractions as well as generate revenue for the nation altogether.

Better/standard roads, beautiful new bridges, glass bridges, new industries, car manufacturing companies among many others are the things we deserve and should have in this our dare country Nigeria. And remember that Nigeria has the money and talented minds already available to achieve all these things as well.

God Bless Nigeria!

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