China combats deadly Coronavirus by unmanned sanitation robot and cleaning car


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China has taken a brilliant measure by fighting the deadly corona-virus by cleaning the streets unmanned 5G robots and cleaning vehicles, reducing the chances of human labor getting infected by the virus.

The outbreak of Coronavirus in China is arguably the most trending news in the world right now, and has been giving several world leaders and international bodies concerns over possible spread outside China. From reports, China has deployed several cleaning vehicles and unmanned sanitation robots to rid the streets of this deadly virus.


China has deployed unmanned 5G robots to help rid the streets of possible deadly coronavirus

Presently, many streets in Futian of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, are been cleaned by these semi-automatic cleaning vehicles and unmanned sanitation robots. This initiative is focused on eliminating any possible threat of infection that could confront human cleaners of this deadly coronavirus.


The deployed cleaning vehicles and unmanned robots like humans can sweep, wash and even evacuate refuse to appropriate location

The unmanned sanitation robots (5G) share some human-like features such as spraying of water, sweeping and collecting garbage on different streets. The smart robots with the aid of 5G are capable of detecting and tracing wastes, washing of roads, collecting and transporting of refuse.

In confirmation of the possible threats this coronavirus poses to the world population in general, a sum total of 20,438 people were reportedly tested positive for this deadly virus across 24 countries. So, it is safe to say these cleaning measures by China will protect and benefit the entire world.

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From a further report, China, which is the most populated country on the planet, just concluded the emergency hospital, set to combat coronavirus in Wuhan in remarkably nine days. The emergency hospital with a capacity of 1600 beds from what we learned will open officially this Wednesday, with a presidential-approved working force of 1400 medical personnel.

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