China airline captain was caught sleeping while on air


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See what happened after a Chinese pilot, who is a senior pilot at the China airline was caught and filmed sleeping while on mid-air. check out reactions! Read details here!

We have always made it quite our job on Naijauto, to inform our readers on the importance of refraining from driving when under duress or tired. This can be very catastrophic. One place that is even worse than a car to sleep off when on motion is on air as a pilot. In recent event, a Chinese pilot was captured sleeping while flying Boeing 747, an aircraft belonging to the Chinese Airline.

The video was recorded by a co-pilot when the aforementioned pilot was taking a nap in the cockpit located in the passenger jet middle flight. The Chinese pilot, who was discovered going by the name Weng Jiagqi, was found slumping his head forward with his eye closed in thirty seconds clips. All these happened when the plane was still mid-air.


The pilot has received "adequate punishment" after the incident

During investigation, he was found out to be a senior officer working in the china airline, with a solid 20 years of service to his plate. His decades of experience are via routes such as Tokyo, Okinawa, Seoul and Hong Kong. For such to happen to distinguish pilot is really strange. You might need to know that he is a very senior instructor at the China Airline Flight Training Center for Simulations.

A senior China Airlines Captain has been filmed sleeping in command of Boeing 747

In an official report from the China Airline, the pilot that was filmed sleeping on mid-air and his co-pilot, who couldn’t wake him up have been appropriately punished. This punishment is due to total lack of concern for flight safety procedures. According to one of the interviewed pilots, he believes that it is not strange to be stressed out, but a senior officer must be a model for other subordinate pilots to emulate. According to the pilot, the senior pilot should have informed other members of his crew about the fatigue to avert catastrophic or imminent danger.

Reacting to the one-of-a-kind incident, Nigerians have posted hilarious comments under the sharings of this video. Check some of them below:

Ah... Somebody can't sleep in peace ✌️ again. Is the aircraft not on autopilot?

His co pilot is a real definition of witch/wizard angry angry angry angry
what was his aim of snapping and uploading the picture on media undecided undecided undecided undecided undecided
Blowing away other peoples candle can never make yours shine brighter cool cool cool cool cool
Thank God his achievements has been stated grin grin grin grin grin grin

Is that not what auto and co-pilot features are for?
It is regulatory that two men fly a commercial plane and can nap interchangeably between operations.
That man has done no wrong.
Bad belle people only want to bring him down.

Pilots of today fly modern planes a total of 4 minutes(2mins to take off plus 2mins to land) unless there's turbulence but he needed to have made use of sleep cabin though. 

Auto pilot does everything in those big birds now, pilots merely monitor instruments.

So that's how the story of the Chinese pilot is about. We hope our pilots here in Nigeria do not sleep off while flying over various route.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

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