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3 children killed when Keke transporting hot porridge upturned

By Jane Osuagwu
Publish on October 22, 2019

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See how a pothole resulted in the death of 3 children. A Keke transporting hot porridge had been upturned, killing 3 children who were riding inside. Check more details below!

An extremely hot cooler of porridge that was being conveyed inside a tricycle has killed three children in Bauchi State.

Reports gathered by Naijauto say the children who were between nine months and nine years of age were riding inside a tricycle that was transporting a jumbo-size cooler containing an extremely hot porridge when the Keke fell into a pothole and overturned. The hot porridge landed on the occupants of the Keke.


The Keke fell into a pothole and overturned and the hot porridge landed on the occupants of the Keke

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The victims’ relative, Malam Auwal Bala, while narrating the incident said it happened on Wednesday while they were celebrating the wedding of a family member.


The porridge was extremely hot so that when it spilled on the children, it killed them

He went further to say that one of the women inside the tricycle sustained an injury while two other women and two children escaped unhurt.

He added that the tragic incident was a traumatic one for their family as three children were lost in an accident. However, they've accepted their fate saying, “God giveth and taketh, so who are we to question God."

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Jane Osuagwu is an automotive writer at Naijauto.com.She's a car enthusiast who loves creating educative and informative topics on cars, ranging from maintenance tips to updates on the latest trend in the auto industry in mechanically yet friendly writing. 

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