Chelsea FC players cars: You’ll be surprised with Kante’s choice


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Kante is a big star but does it mean he has the same classy cars as other Chelsea FC players cars? Find out now!

If you are a true football fan, you must know Chelsea F.C is one of the strongest clubs in European professional sports leagues at the moment. But do you know how exotic Chelsea FC players’ cars are, and which models are they? Dive in, this article will reveal it all!

I. What is Chelsea F.C?

Chelsea or The Blues is a common name in the football world. The club comes from England, currently being one of the top teams in the Premier League alongside other giants including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur F.C., and Arsenal and being coached by Maurizio Sarri.


Chelsea F.C (CFC) was established in 1905

The club won their first division title (of the English football organisations) in 1955, opening a glorious period in the club’s history from 1965 to 1971 with a myriad of accolades. Since 1997, the club has gained more and more recognition from football fans with 23 trophies adding to a total of 28 titles since the club’s establishment including one UEFA Super Cup, One UEFA Europa League, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, One UEFA Champions League (one of the best sports competitions), four FA Community Shields, five League Cups, Eight FA Cups, and six English football league titles (EFL Cup).

II. Chelsea FC players cars

Do you know that, Chelsea home kit jersey is of color royal blue? Its players also adopt the attitude of royal as well. Their vehicles or where they live, all are of royal feel and top of the world. Check it out!


The last 20 years is the best period of the club

1. Eden Hazard’s cars

Of course, at the moment, speaking of Chelsea, we’re talking about Eden Hazard, the brightest star at Stamford Bridge, who carried Belgium to the semi-final of 2018 World Cup.

Though having already a star in the squad, Eden Hazard never refuses to shine brighter off pitch. He is a truly a street raver, introducing people his supercars every time getting down the streets.


Eden Hazard is currently the key player at Chelsea

The Audi R8 V10

Not only known for his skills, Hazard is one of the fastest football players in the world. Therefore, his vehicles must be a speed beast as well. the £110k (~N50m) Audi can reach a top speed of 205 mph.


The Audi R8 V10

The BMW X6

Hazard wants to show his love for the little family as well. That’s why he bought the £60k (~N27m) BMW X6 that is perfect for family drives.


The BMW X6

The Audi RS4 Avant

Aside from football and his family, it seems the guy is so much in love with the Audi brand? This car can only be had from £60,290 (~N28m).


The Audi RS4 Avant

The Range Rover Sport

Everyone needs a Range Rover for their exotic garage, so Hazard affords him one.


The Range Rover Sport

The Aston Martin Vanquish - Eden Hazard’s most expensive car

This shiny Vanquish costs £199,950 that is 92 million in naira.


The Aston Martin Vanquish

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class - You can actually own a car similar to one of Chelsea FC players cars!

Mercedes-Benz is a German brand everyone loves. Hazard is not an exception. C-class lineup of Mercedes offer affordable models that is definitely within an average budget. Wy don't you try riding one?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2. Alvaro Morata’s cars

Alvaro Morata joined Chelsea from Real Madrid, expected to perform impressively like in the Royal club and bring fear to the opponents like what Didier Drogba has done. At the first period of his time in Chelsea, Morata had been always in the spotlights, scoring goals and earning the club points to go head to head with Manchester City but later in the season, Morata went downhill and started to get blamed and compared to Fernando Torres.


Morata used to be seen as a flop at Chelsea

Morata is known for his speed and key shot to end up the ball into the net at the key moment in the clubs he has joined. In terms of transport, he is also a decisive owner, only acquiring some cars but they have to be his “key” vehicles!

The Lexus GS F


The Lexus GS F

The Jaguar F Type

The-Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F Type

The Maserati GranTurismo


The Maserati GranTurismo

The Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged


The Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

3. Gary Cahill’s cars

Gary Cahill is the real captain at Chelsea club since 2017 after Frank Lampard and John Terry had left. The captain is also a key defender in English squad. His career is most remarkable during the time he spent with the club from London.

Cahill is a luxury car devotee. Aside from Mercedes-Benz, he nourishes his love for Aston Martin, Range Rover, and Jaguar as well.

Some of the pictures that caught Gary Cahill driving his cars;


One time he was caught driving a Range Rover


The other time he was caught driving a Mercedes-Benz

4. David Luiz’s cars

David Luiz is a Brazilian defender. Currently, he is in his second spell with the West London club. He was once the highest defender a club had to pay to have.

In terms of his football career, Luiz is considered one of the most difficult player to pass while he is also known for his freekick rockets.

He loves Mercedes-Benz and has a G-wagon, an Audi S5, and a Range Rover.


David Luiz in his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon


David Luiz and his Audi


The Range Rover David Luiz also afford one

5. Pedro’s cars

Pedro has been always the belief of Chelsea since he left Barcelona for the club. Key goals to help the club win the 2016-2017 Premier League title proved the Chelsea fans he is truly a new idol at Stamford Bridge.


Pedro is the new hope of Chelsea

Pedro has a collection of many cars which feature cars from 3 luxury brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rover.

6. Willlian’s cars

Chelsea used to be seen as a rigid club but Willian has brought the club more Brazilian style of playing football. The club has been more diverse now thanks to players like him.

Earning a steep high salary at the club, Willian has his own car collection worth around $4 Million (~N1.5 billion).

His garage features lavish car brands such as BMW Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Range Rover, and Aston Martin.


Willian is a fan of luxury car brands

7. Olivier Giroud's cars

The Frenchman just came back from a successful campaign with his country in the 2018 World Cup, winning the title.

Coming back from the tournament, Giroud is expected to help Chelsea win more titles this year. The French striker loves luxury brands and one of his best car is the Audi S5 that cost $55.000 (~N20m).


His Audi cost approximately 20 million nairas


Aside from Audi, he is many other brands' devotee as well

8. Cesc Fabregas’ cars

The Spanish playmaker and best friend of Lionel Messi joined Chelsea in controversy after having vowed never to play for other English clubs after leaving Arsenal F.C. many years ago. But he soon muted haters with his impressive performance for Chelsea. Now he is one of the most important player in the club and making more and more records in the league.

In his garage, the man has full of luxury cars from Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, etc.


Febregas used to be claimed to have go back on his words


Audi is a common choice of Chelsea players


Of course he's got a must-have Range Rover

9. Marcos Alonso’s cars

Since joining Chelsea, Marcos Alonso has seen success with his first Premier League title under Antonio Conte. The 1990-born Spanish player has a net worth of $10 million that allows him to afford most exotic cars on earth from his favorite brands Audi and Mercedes-Benz. He was once caught driving a Porsche to the training ground.

Marcos-Alonso -driving-his-porsche

Marcos Alonso was caught driving his Porsche to Chelsea's training ground

10. Golo Kante’s cars

Everyone loves that guy who is named Kante who is the biggest element to bring France the World Cup title this summer. His teammates in the French squad even created a song for him. The “Kante, he is small but he stopped Messi” even became the anthem all French people sang to celebrate the World Cup.

Though his importance for his national team as well as Chelsea squad. Kante doesn’t like showing off. While his teammates drive luxury car brands. Kante only needs a modest Mini for his traveling.


It costs him ~N9m

11. Victor Moses’ cars

Nigeria has born some of the best football players for the world. The best must play for Premier League clubs. We have Obafemi Martins who played for Newcastle and Middlebourough. Another famous player that is worth mentioning is Victor Moses.

Playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world and earning a high salary, Victor Moses loves spending money on exotic cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia or the Aston Martin.

The Ferrari 458 Italia


The Ferrari 458 Italia

The BMW i8


The BMW i8

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Aston Martin


The Aston Martin

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III. More information about Chelsea football club

The club that was owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abrahamovich with strong finances has its home kit jersey in royal blue while the away colors are yellow. The third color is a little mix between grey and blue.

Forbes 2018 ranks Chelsea as the seventh most valuable football clubs in the world, only behind Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal in England.


The last time Chelsea won the PL title (2016-2017)

Chelsea F.C was established on 10 March 1905, being a club representing London. But because London had born many football clubs in the area, Chelsea at first found it hard to settle its name and stadium. The club first came up with Fulham but the same name had been used by another club, forcing them to shift to Chelsea and had Stamford Bridge as their home ground.

True fans of Chelsea always reminds of José Mourinho as the club legends in spite of the fact that he was twice sacked by the club. He is the one who helped Chelsea break the dominance of Sir Alex Fegurson’s MU at Premier League and the one deepens the gap in any West Londa derby, making Chelsea the biggest club in that part of London.


Hazard is being the brightest star of the club

IV. Conclusion

Chelsea FC players cars are always the talk of the town to football fans. find it privileged to present our beloved readers with this article about one of the best football club in the world. We hope Nigeria will always keep their passion to help produce more pride like Victor Moses or Obafemi Martins not only in the field of professional football but also all the spheres of the modern world.

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