3 high school pretty cheerleaders die in car crash on Christmas day


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While many people were celebrating on Christmas day, 3 high school pretty girls lost their lives that day. Read details of the tragic event below!

Three high school students were killed in an auto crash on Christmas day in Alabama, USA. The car was said to have slipped off the road and forcibly hit a big oak tree.

Reports from the Geneva Police Department says the teens were between the ages of 16 and 17, and schooling at Geneva High School. Their names were Cassidy Dunn, Addyson Martin, and Emilee Fain.


Naijauto gathered the three young girls were occupying the front seat. Two other passengers sitting in the back seat got to survive the accident.

One of the victims that survived sustained minor bruises and bumps. The other was airlifted to a hospital in Birmingham named Children's of Alabama. And according to reports, her condition has been stabilized.

Geneva Police chief investigator, Lt, Micheal McDuffie, said,

"It's a real tragedy. The city is hurting right now for sure."

He told local media the high school teens were close friends and that they spent and celebrated Christmas with each other.

He said,

"They had just left one house and were going to another one's home.

Just being friends out on Christmas day."

The girls were mourned by the local residents at First Baptist Church.

Ron Snell, Geneva City School Board President said,

"Those girls touched a lot of lives, and that's why you see the real hurt and the coming together of young and old."

In the US, car crashes have been reported to be the main causes of teen death. Reports gathered from the World Health Organization (WHO) says teens between 10-19 years have been killed in car crash across the globe.

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