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Check out top 10 longest bridges in Africa

The Third Mainland Bridge used to be on top the the top longest bridges in Africa before the 6th October came in use in 1996.

Have you ever wondered where our monolithic third mainland are seated in the list of top 10 longest bridges in Africa? Here, Naijauto.com has an answer for you.

#10. Katima Mulio Bridge

The 900-meter-long bridge is quite young compared to others on the list. It was opened to transport across the Zambezi River in Zambia on May 14, 2004.

Katima Mulio Bridge the tenth longest bridge in Africa

Katima Mulio Bridge

#9. Mkapa Bridge

Mkapa Bridge is 970 meters long to be the longest bridge in Tanzania.

Mkapa Bridge the ninth longest bridge in Africa

Mkapa Bridge

#8. Wouri Bridge

During the French war, this 1.8-kilometer-long bridge was raised up to build a link between Douala and the port of Bonaberi. It was now almost 70-year-old.

Wouri Bridge the eighth longest bridge in Africa

Wouri Bridge

#7. Qasr al-Nil Bridge

You know the famous River Nile, right? This one of the longest bridges in Africa was built across the longest river on earth. The 1.9-kilometer-long bridge connects the center of Cairo to Zamalek district and Gezira Island.

Qasr al-Nil Bridge the seventh longest bridge in Africa

Qasr al-Nil Bridge

#6. Armando Emilio Guebyza Bridge

Designed by WSP Group, the 16-meter-wide bridge was built on the land of Mozambique across the Zambezi River link Zambezia and Sofala provinces. It spans 2.37 kilometers.

Armando Emilio Guebyza Bridge the sixth longest bridge in Africa

Armando Emilio Guebyza Bridge

#5. Dona Ana Bridge

Dona Ana Bridge crosses over the Zambezi River to join Vila de Sena to Mutarara towns. It was completed in 1934.

Dona Ana Bridge the fifth longest bridge in Africa

Dona Ana Bridge

#4. Mozambique Island Bridge

Mozambique Island Bridge was constructed in 1969 to link the Mozambique Island with the mainland, spanning 3.8 kilometers over the Indian Ocean.

Mozambique Island Bridge the fourth longest bridge in Africa

Mozambique Island Bridge

#3. Suez Canal Bridge - Shohada 25 January Bridge

This bridge is a key trading spot for not only its country, Egypt but also the whole Africa, connecting the continent with Eurasia. It spans nearly 4 kilometers. Located in El Qantara, it is also called Shohada 25 January Bridge.

Suez Canal Bridge- Shohada 25 January Bridge the third longest bridge in Africa

Suez Canal Bridge - Shohada 25 January Bridge

#2. Third Mainland Bridge - Ibrahim Babangida Bridge

Its official name is Babangida bridge at its birth in 1990, but the popularity of the name Third Mainland Bridge which refers to the third bridge that was built in the group of three bridges connecting Lagos Mainland with the Lagos Island. It used to be on top the the top longest bridges in Africa before the 6th October came in use in 1996.

Third Mainland Bridge- Ibrahim Babangida Bridge the second longest bridge in Africa

Third Mainland Bridge - Ibrahim Babangida Bridge

#1. 6th October Bridge

The 6th October Bridge was opened in 1996 to dethrone the Third Mainland Bridge to be the longest bridge in Africa. The Bridge in Cairo, Egypt even almost doubles the length of the former record holder, 20.5 km long compared to 11.8 of the Lagos bridge.

6th October Bridge the longest bridge in Africa

6th October Bridge

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