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Many people cite a strong resemblance between the newly pimped out X-Class with the luxury Maybach.

The Carlex new design for Mercedes Benz X-Class has been recently revealed, causing many to think of hi-class Maybach model of the same brand. Admittedly, the refreshed X-Class witnesses major styling upgrades to own a more high-end look.

Mercedes Benz X-Class front look

Carlex Design leaked pictures of Mercedes Benz X-Class

The refreshed X-Class is equipped with outstanding front grilles and Maybach-style wheels. Looking into the inside, one may easily see dual-tone painting with wood deco pattern. The Recaro performance seats are also the highlights of the cabin.

Mercedes Benz X-Class cabin

Inside the Maybach lookalike

The new car is named “Yachting Edition,” offers a remarkable off-road ability. Though being priced much lower than a Maybach, Mercedes Benz X-Class stays at N44 million. Maybach truck, in the meantime, has a base price of around N198 million.

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Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Maybach-y X-class below.

Mercedes Benz X-Class side length

Mercedes Benz X-Class body shape

Mercedes Benz X-Class inside cabin

Mercedes Benz X-Class interior deco

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