How Colombian wife would punish cheating husband? Let him ride naked on her car rooftop!


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If you feel you had seen a merciless treatment for cheating husbands, you should spare few minutes and see how this wife punished her cheating husband who was punished by riding home naked on the rooftop.

In the news from local Colombian outlets, a man was caught cheating with another woman by his wife at a motel in the Caribbean Barranquilla’s costal city.

Jaira Vargas, who felt remorseful of his deed, pleaded for forgiveness from his wife, which she granted based on a condition. This single condition given by the wife was for her husband to ride home naked on SUV’s rooftop.


Guess Jaira Vargas will not be thinking of cheating on his wife anytime soon after this public ridicule

When we just thought the humiliation of moving around town on a hot afternoon naked on the roof of an SUV was enough for the cheating husband, he was also fined by the Colombian National police of an amount equivalent hundred dollars for disturbing the order of the public and indecent dressing.

Well, many people are of the opinion that the woman should face similar penalty from the police since she drove him around town stark naked, on a car rooftop.

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Video: Bizarre moment cheating husband agrees to be shamed by his furious wife who parades him naked 

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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