Chance to win the holy Pope Francis' ₦83m Lamborghini for only $10!


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Even if you're completely broke, there's still a shed of light that you might win a Lamborghini. Check it out, the offer is still open for the public!

"What is the verge of being a Pope?", one might ask, apart from getting prayers and heartfelt comments every time a holy ritual takes place and the holy status that literally no one on earth possesses.

God forbids, it's the money. Hold your high horse before you bash me because it's factually true. Though the pope does not demand his disciples to donate to his charity funds, nor pay for his bills, nor there's something about donating money to the messenger of the god somewhere in the bible, those followers still do just that; as a way to express their goodwill and sincerity.


The color of the car matches perfectly with the Pope's white and gold cassock

If I would dare to guess, the majority of the money is spent on building churches, supporting starving children in Africa and overall bettering the world. And the rest? To buy a Lamborghini (wow that escalated quickly). And not just any Lamborghini, the one that the Pope purchased was a specially-built Lamborghini Huracan 2018, which can accelerate to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and reach a max speed of 320 km/h.

Why are we talking about this car, really? Bear with us a few moments and you will know why. I should mention that the car was actually auctioned a while ago, with the bid price of N315 million. Unfortunately, the buyer did not have the money he stated and thus the car stays exactly where it was. Not until when the Pope decided to make an important decision that might make you, our readers, the next owner of this very car.


Now the car can be yours with as little as N3600!

Yes, you heard that right. Due to its inordinately high price, the pope had a radical idea where he opens the bid for EVERYONE, so people who don't have extra million Nairas in the bank accounts could participate too. But, there's a catch. This time, everyone needs to donate at a minimum of N3600. In other words, if you're lucky, you can purchase the car that might take you a lifetime to afford with just N3600!

Confident of the success of the bidding, the pope has planned to use this money to carry the goodwill from god to third world nations and war-torn countries, providing educational support to the children and adults there. 

See the "holy" supercar right here

To enter the game, please visit for registration!

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