Chairman of Nigus Enfinity with his forward plan for Nigerian electric auto market


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CEO of Nigus Enfinity has announced to import electric cars into Nigeria by 2018 and put into operation a local assembly plant in 2020.

In a press conference held in Abuja on May 3rd, 2018, Mr. Malik Ado-Ibrahim who is currently running Nigus Enfinity did confirm that his company partnered with the Chinese firm Build Your Dreams would import electric vehicles into Nigerian market from 2018. He also ensured to keep the price at a reasonable number so that local people could afford these cars.

Malik Ado-Ibrahim

Mr. Malik Ado-Ibrahim – chairman of Nigus Enfinity

Nigeria as the future solar and renewable energy hub for ECOWAS - HRH Prince Malik ado Ibrahim...

Explaining why he came up with this idea, Mr. Ado-Ibrahim saw that many countries, including India and the United Kingdom, have planned to ban petrol-fuelled vehicles by the years 2030 and 2040 respectively. He doesn’t want to see Africa or Nigeria in particular ends up with a waste pile of banned cars from foreign areas. To avoid that scenario, Nigerians need to look far forward and plan ahead the use of electric automobiles in the near future.

For those who don’t know, Malik Ado-Ibrahim is the very first African to lead the Formula 1 Team in the car race worldwide in 1999. His company - Nigus Enfinity is also constructing a 100 mg solar power plant in Katsina before building another in Adamawa state.

1999 Arrows car racing in Formula 1 Team

1999 Arrows in Malik’s Formula 1 Team

Malik talking to Frank Bruno

Malik with his international friend – the boxing legend Frank Bruno

In the interactive session with journalists, Mr. Ado-Ibrahim also revealed that his firm and its Chinese partner were working hard to bring out a local electric car brand as well as build a local assembly plant from 2020. His goal is to provide EVs with African DNA with the first steps in Nigeria.

Regarding electric cars, Elon Musk had introduced the cheapest electric auto on earth, pricing at N11 million in June.

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