A quick look back at the ‘Century’ – Toyota’s first car with a V12 engine


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A new YouTube video on a popular auto channel gives a brief review of the 'Century' luxury car from the 90s which is the first Toyota car with a V12 engine. Read more.

It is always refreshing to look back in history at some car models which were the “talk of the town” during their time. One such models is the Toyota Century which was unveiled back in the year 1967 as the Japanese automaker’s most expensive, most luxurious, and most powerful new car. This car was giving a quick lookback review in a recent video we found on the popular YouTube auto channel Carfection.


The Toyota Century is the first production Toyota car to feature a powerful V12 engine

Before all of the current best-selling Toyota cars in popular continents, there was the much-envied Toyota Century model that ruled in the 90s as a Japan-only exclusive luxury car with a V12 engine. And as a matter of fact, it was the first Toyota production car with a V12 engine back then. Toyota initially offered the Century model with a V-8 engine until it debuted its second generation with a V12 engine which made the luxury car even more powerful and envied.


Back in 1967, the Toyota Century was the most expensive and luxurious car from the Japanese automaker

This dignified Toyota Century model featured in the Carfection video comes with a 5.0-liter V-12 powertrain that gives the luxury car a moderate 276hp (206kW) and 355 lb-ft (481Nm) of torque. This powerful V12 engine in the Toyota Century is paired with the early days 4-speed automatic transmission system. This setup doesn’t really qualify the model as a high-performance car despite its powerful engine but the overall quality of comfort and luxury the car offers is simply awesome.

Check out the Toyota Century’s lookback review video below uploaded by Carfection;

Toyota Century: The Japanese V12 Rolls-Royce | Carfection 4K

After watching the above review video, what impressed us the most was the fact that even after all these years the reviewed car still runs smoothly despite being so old. Toyota truly means their words whenever they stress on “durability”.

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