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This edifice which was originally the product of colonial rule in Nigeria since 1901 still stands till date. It has witnessed ups and downs in Lagos history and today, let's see what you know about this special construction!

When you think you are having the feel of a centurion, you would love to associate yourself with this amazing work of men and one of the oldest bridges in Nigeria. This bridge built since 1901 has been serving a lot of people in Lagos and has made connectivity much easier. If you are a tourist, you will love to see this bridge and probably walk over it with all senses of safety.

Here on Naijauto, we will show you amazing facts about Carter bridge in Lagos that you probably do not know despite driving over it regularly. Let's find out answers for our questions below!


This old bridge despite series of fear of collapse, still stands strong till date

1. Does the bridge remain the same as orginal version?

No. The Carter bridge had been dismantled, redesigned and rebuilt in the closing end of 1970s briefly after independence.

2. Who was the bridge named for?

As you might have known, the bridge was an edifice of British colonial government. That is why it was named after a former colonial governor of Lagos State, Sir Gilbert Thomas Carter.

3. How important was the Carter bridge at that time?

As at the point of construction, it was the only connecting bridge in Lagos. It connected the island part of the Lagos to the mainland. Now we have other two bridges: Eko Bridge and Third Mainland Bridge.

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Heavy traffic on Carter bridge in the old days

4. Where is Carter Bridge?

The Carter Bridge spans from Iddo, an area located in the mainland to the other side of the Idumota, a popular place in the Lagos Island.

5. Who built Carter Bridge?

Borino Prono Nig LTD was the company that was in charge of constructing the bridge. The other end of the bridge, which was Alaka-Ijora, was completed in 1973.

6. How long is Carter Bridge?

Did you know that this incredible bridge is as long as 11.8km? You definitely feel like taking a ride there even though it is mostly congested during the day.

7. Can you park your car alongside the bridge?

Of course No. You can get fined for 50,000 naira just for parking along the length of the bridge. The fine was put into place by Lagos State government in 2006.


A glimpse of Carter bridge at night

8. When is the best time to see Carter Bridge?

You need to see the beauty of the bridge in the night. Street lights were installed to illuminate the bridge and make it safe to pass in the night. It was carried out by Independent Power Project under the tenure of Governor Babatunde Fashola

Video: You might also want to check out this other bridge: Third Mainland Bridge

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