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Ever wondered what it is like to be in a fast-moving, high-performance car- sort of like the ones you see in the legendary movie “Fast and Furious”? Do you even know what qualifies as a fast car?

Ever wondered what it is like to be in a fast-moving, high-performance car- sort of like the ones you see in the legendary movie “Fast and Furious”? Do you even know what qualifies as a fast car? Well, wonder no more. We will serve you with some of the fastest cars that 2020 had to offer.

Generally, a fast car is said to be one that can reach a pre-determined speed in the shortest time possible. Experts in the auto-world have deemed a fast car to be one which can go from 0-60 miles per hour (mph)- or 0-97km/h, as in the case of kilometres per hour- in the shortest possible time.  Some also use such standards as the fastest to get past a quarter-mile or the first car to reach a 100km/h in a short time.

Our list of fastest cars with the highest possible 0-60mph acceleration will focus on some of the very best models you can find. We know you will like it!

Jaguar XE

Fitted with a turbo 4 2.0 litre engine, the 2019 Jaguar XE is one that gives an edge for speed. The Jaguar XE comes in an 8-wheel automatic transmission, that has up to 247 horsepower that can get you from 0-60mph in about 6.2 seconds.


6.2 seconds to go from 0-60mph, impressive; actually, very impressive

This model also has another version fitted with 296 horsepower that can go fast in the same miles per hour at a reduced and much better time of 5.4 seconds and it is rated average on the fuel-economy and efficiency scale. A limited-edition of the XE was produced and fitted with a V8 592 horsepower engine that can accelerate to 60mph in 3.3 seconds. It also has an impressive handling and braking system.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye


A fast car, a roomy interior, what else do you need that the dodge challenger does not give?

In addition to its beautiful exterior, the Dodge Challenger SRT has part of its features, a 6.2-litre V8 797 horsepower engine that has the capabilities of reaching 60mph in 3.4 seconds and comes in an 8- automatic transmission wheel drive. This car not only boasts of speed but also prides itself with roomy interior space and fairly large trunk space of about 16 cubic feet. This is one car that evokes pride amongst high-performance car-loving owners.

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Nissan 370Z


The sleek design of the Nissan 370z is undeniable

This two-passenger car is one that comes in a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed automatic transmission drive. The Nissan 370Z can transition from 0 to 60mph in 5.0 seconds with its 3.7 litre V-6  and a 332-350 horsepower engine, the car is one sure bet for speed-loving car enthusiasts. The car has excellent that allows it to perform well when it encounters sharp corners but to its disadvantage, it has little room for cargo with its 6.9 cubic feet of trunk size. So if you are looking for a cool car, the Nissan 370Z is the right pick for you.

Porsche 911

Porsche 2019 

2019 Porsche is not for the fainthearted: 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds

Most versions of the 2019 Porsche 911 model have a flat 6 engine in common. With most having a 7-speed manual transmission drive and some a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, the 911 offers an engine that ranges between 370 to 690 horsepower. With a model that has 3.8-litres flat 6s of up to 420 horsepower, you will be able to transition to 60mph within 3.7 seconds. What it has in speed, it lacks in safety, as the Porsche 911 does not have an emergency automatic braking system. However, if you are a competent and speed-loving driver, this car will just suit you well.

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On-road or off-road, the BMW X5 is exceptional

This high-performance SUV makes our list because of its ability to move from 0 to 60mph in 4.6 seconds. The engine has part of its features a V8 4.4-litres space and 456 horsepower. It is capable of performing at a top speed of 130mph n its 8-speed automatic transmission. The interesting thing about the BMW X5 is its off-road handling capabilities due to the extra hardware added to it. It can get through 20 inches of water, snow, gravel etc and has enough traction to make handling on the road smoother.  So not only does the X5 possess such beautiful features as its LED lights and split tailgates and a beautiful interior, but it is also a rugged car that works well in all weather conditions. Do you see why we added it on our list?

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


The Chevrolet Stingray is the perfect sportscar!

The Stingray prides itself on possessing a V-8 6.2-litre engine that has a horsepower range between 455-460hp. Its acceleration from 0 to 60mph in 3.6 seconds is sure to give you breath-taking experience and leave your adrenaline pumping. The 8.0 touchscreen information system, nine-speaker audio system and a wi-fi hotspot system all contribute to make this car not just a high-speed vehicle, but also give it a classy and comfortable feel. The car comes in both a 7-speed manual transmission and an 8-speed automatic. It is designed to move up at a maximum speed of 212 mph.

Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X; one of the fastest cars on earth

Though the Tesla Model X has sketchy exterior features that may not be so pleasing to the eyes, this electric car has some rather amazing features that qualify it to be on our list. The Model X  is rated as one of the fastest due to its acceleration speed from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 155 mph. The Model X has a 100-kWh (kilowatt-hour) lithium-ion battery that is responsible for the car’s movement.

For an electric car, the Model X is not just fast but it also designed to be a comfortable family car. It carries five to seven passengers and a relatively spacious 88.1 cubic feet trunk size for cargo. The car has as part of its plush interior four USB ports, six cupholders and bottle holders. A part of its safety features, the Model X has was designed to have a rearview camera system, active lane control, automatic emergency braking systems and blind-spot mirrors. There is also an Autopilot driver-assistance system with a dozen airbags to prevent/reduce injuries that might happen in case of a crash. According to the car connection website, the Tesla Model X is faster than the Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. You can see we saved the best for last. The chink in this perfect car’s armour will be its high monetary value. Then again, you are getting value for money.

Video: Check out this 0-240km/hr video of the 2019 Tesla Model X

So if you are in the market for adrenaline-pumping, breath-taking high-speed cars, we hope our list was able to help you. Also, remember to drive safe and happy hunting!!!

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