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Over the years, many carmakers have borrowed the names of different animals for branding some of their car models. See these 10 cars named after cats!

Naming things like new car models can be really difficult sometimes due to so many good options in names to choose from. However, most automakers seem to easily get past this overwhelming stage by simply naming their car models after special animals. Yes, they usually just name some of their car models after any particular animal whose capabilities match or advertise that of the car.


Carmakers have many times named their new car models after animals such as cats

10 car models and brands named after cats

We can pretty much safely say that most automobile manufacturers just love to take inspiration from animals when naming their car models. Recently, we published a post that lists out 10 cars named after animals and now we are even digging deeper as we present in this article a list of 10 cars that are specifically named after cats. See them below;

1. Peugeot

Despite having its name from the founder Armand, Peugeot is well associated with “Cats” or you could say Lions in this case because of its unmistakable logo.


Peugeot’s logo features a lion and it pretty much associates the car brand with the family of cats

2. Jaguar

Almost the exact same case with Peugeot as we explained above; Jaguar itself as a brand name and the logo are all borrowed from the family of compact and properly-muscled cats that are native to the USA.


The British automaker, Jaguar’s name and logo are inspired by a special compact and muscled cat in real life

3. Nissan Leopard

This was one of the old Nissan sport/luxury car models that were sold only in the Japanese auto market during its production run. This particular model was designed to compete with other Toyota cars in its segment back then.


The Nissan Leopard is one of the old luxury/sports models that the Japanese automaker named after a cat

4. Ford Cougar

The Cougar is a large wild cat that is commonly found in Patagonia and Canada with a greyish coat. It is the inspiration behind the name of the Ford Cougar coupe model which was sold in the United States and Canada between 1999 and 2002.

5. Ford Puma

This is another Ford car model named after a genus in the family of large and secretive cats. Most people also know them as mountain lions and cougars which could grow to larger sizes than other wild cats.


At first glance, one could obviously see how much the Ford Puma looks like an “angry kitten”

6. Volkswagen Tiguan

You might be surprised we added this Volkswagen model because there is no “Tiguan” in the cat family but as far as we know, the name is related to cats. Yes, the “Tiguan” is actually a combo of two animal names which are “tiger” and “iguana”. So, can you see why the name of the Volkswagen Tiguan is still related to cats now?


The words “Tiger” and “Iguana” were combined to name the Volkswagen Tiguan model

7. Seat Leon

This car’s name is self-explanatory; “Leon” is a Spanish word that means Lion – which is a popular big (wild) cat.

8. Dodge Challenger (Hellcat)

The Dodge Challenger (Hellcat) is a popular muscle car variant that packs a HEMI V-8 supercharged engine that delivers 700bhp. Quite an angry “hellcat”, isn’t it?


The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the most popular muscle cars in the world of drag racing and street racing

9. Vauxhall Tigra

Just like the Seat Leon, the model name Vauxhall Tigra is simply the same as Vauxhall “Tiger”.

10. Wildcat (Buick)

This is a very old car model offered between 1962 and 1970 by a brand that used a wildcat’s snarling head for its logo.

You can also check out the video below to see some other 9 cars named after wild and/or mythical animals;

  9 Cars Named After Wild/Mythical Animals!

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