Top 5 cars that are best for surviving flood-prone areas


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Do you reside in a part of Nigeria that usually gets flooded during rainy seasons? This article recommends the best 5 cars that fit such areas. See all!

It’s that dreaded time of the year again when car owners that reside in flood-prone areas of Nigeria will begin to suffer from anger, depression, and frustration caused by floods after a heavy downpour. All this rush of emotions usually happens because most Nigerians buy cars that have very low ground clearance, making them vulnerable to floods. To avoid joining that league of frustrated car owners, we have listed below the top 5 cars that are best for surviving flood-prone areas.


There are some car models that are made to conquer floods and some other tough driving conditions

Top 5 cars that are best to go through flooded roads

Learning how to drive through flooded roads in Nigeria is just as important as knowing some of the best-recommended car models you should buy if you reside in flood-prone areas. If you plan on driving through flooded roads, the first and most important thing to consider is the ride height and ground clearance of your vehicle. Yes, the farther your vehicle is to the ground, the better. The car models listed below are among the world’s top 5 high-riding vehicles;

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser luxury SUV is one of the most popular SUV models in the Toyota lineup that is very affordable. The SUV model offers an impressive 8.9-inches ground clearance which is fair enough to get you through most flooded roads in Nigeria. However, do not say we didn’t tell you about its powerful 5.7-liter V-8 engine that usually sucks a lot of fuel to produce 381hp.


The Toyota Land Cruiser SUV will get you through flooded roads with its 8.9-inches ground clearance

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2. Lexus LX

If you are one of those that prefer just about any other luxury car model without the “Toyota” badge then the Lexus LX SUV lineup is the right choice for you in situations of flooded roads. This line of SUV offers just exactly everything you get in the Toyota Land Cruiser but also with more luxury features and elegant cabin space. The Lexus LX SUV lineup can also scale through flooded roads without much hassles as well.


The Lexus LX SUV lineup does not only offer top-notch luxury but can also handle flooded roads like a “pro”

3. Toyota 4-runner

Yet another Toyota SUV, right? Yes, we are trying to make sure the list comprises popular models in Nigeria that are not only common but also affordable. The Toyota 4Runner is that budget-friendly midsize SUV that will get you going on both rough roads and on flooded roads. It might not be so “fancy” like other luxury fuel-sucking SUVs, but it does get the job done efficiently when you need it to.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly SUV that can survive flood-prone areas, the Toyota 4Runner is your car

4. Jeep Wrangler

This list will never be complete without mentioning the famous “King of SUVs” – Jeep Wrangler already says a lot with its appearance alone. Yes, you should be able to know just how rugged the Jeep Wrangler is just by looking at it. It does not only handle flooded roads but also comes with a fantastic fuel economy compared to some SUVs from other popular brands.


The Jeep Wrangler offers impressive fuel economy, high durability and better handling of flooded roads

5. Land Rover Range Rover

We saved the best for last as you would expect 😊; the much-loved Range Rover SUV offers the best ride-height/ground clearance among all. It has been and still remains the champion of ground clearance in SUVs with its unbeatable 11.7-inches ride height. And even with such capability, the SUV model is also one of the most popular luxury SUVs in the world today.


Buy a Land Rover Range Rover SUV and flooded roads will become a joke rather than frustrating you

What about the prices?

Well, to make things clear, we have added a table below which contains an estimated price range for each of the above-listed vehicles:

Prices of top 5 high-riding vehicles in Nigeria  
Car models & Year Price Range (Used/Tokunbo)
 Toyota Land Cruiser (2003 - 2017) ₦1,600,000 - ₦25,000,000 
Lexus LX  (2003 - 2017) ₦1,350,000 - ₦39,000,000  
 Toyota 4-runner (2001 - 2018) ₦600,000 - ₦22,000,000  
Jeep Wrangler  (2010 - 2019) ₦3,500,000 - ₦35,000,000  
 Land Rover Range Rover (2006 - 2018) ₦5,000,000 - ₦45,000,000  

And if you will like to see a full review featuring the latest version of the Range Rover SUV? Check the video below:

Video: Range Rover SUV 2020 in-depth review | Carwow Reviews


There are definitely many car models that didn’t make it to this list, but as of today, the above list is currently our recommended top 5 cars that are best for surviving flood-prone areas.

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