10 Cars Nigerian Police see as Yahoo boys’ cars


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Ever had the experience of driving, and then you are stopped by the police for no obvious reason? Watch out, you could be driving a yahoo car? Find out more!

People have often been judged by the way they look, from the clothes they wear, the area and the houses they live in, and the car/cars they drive. Everyone has become an investigator at face value. Lately, in Nigeria, the kind of car you drive is largely adjudged to be associated with the kind of work or job you do. Do you know there are certain vehicles or cars Nigerian Police see as a Yahoo Boys cars?


Let's see who makes the list!!

Yes, people can be targeted just because they cruise a certain ride! This is so, especially if the driver is a young boy who seemingly had no job before the time he turns up with such cars. Such is referred to as “yahoo boy” or a “419ner”. This refers to the online scamming schemes done to unsuspecting and gullible individuals to rid them of their money.

The police are not left out of this face value investigation in their quest to restore sanity and rid the country of such schemes that put the country in a bad light. They oftentimes, either rightly or wrongly, associate some categories of cars as being usually bought and owned by these scammers. Therefore, when you are seen driving in any of these cars you may be pulled over and thoroughly questioned to ascertain the source of your income, whether legitimate or not. This is done before you are allowed to go.

This often happens to young boys or men who are seen driving these types or models of cars. Sometimes from looking at the car and your face, especially when you sport a trendy hairstyle and beard style, the cops may decide to make further inquiries. This means you are in for one of those thorough interrogations. You need to know of course that these cars are not cheap cars that you can get anywhere. Anyway, for your information, Naijauto brings you the usual models of cars that might paint you in bad "yahoo" light.

1. Toyota Venza   

The Toyota Venza is synonymous with the country "Malaysia" and this was at a time viewed as the kind of car guys who return from Malaysia spend their money on. Especially the dark or white-colored Venza, having tinted glasses and alloyed rims.

Driving a Toyota Venza makes you a suspect, unfortunately. Malaysia is one country to which many Nigerian youths, especially from the south, travel. Rumour has it that foreign exchange extorted through online “yahoo” scams are routed through Malaysia into Nigeria.

Don't get me wrong, not all Nigerians traveling to Malaysia are yahoo boys. Just be careful and do not be surprised if you get pulled over by the police while cruising a Venza.


The Toyota Venza is identified as exclusive to Malaysia G-men!

2. Toyota Camry

The newer the model, the more suspicious. Another car the police see as yahoo boys’ car is the Toyota Camry (SE, XLE).

Funny enough, the 2017 model of the car was targeted to attract the younger generations with its new designs and trim upgrades. No wonder the yahoo boys take a liking to this car and hence the police also taking note of this.

The result is that they will always seize the opportunity to pull over whoever is driving this car.


One of the most popular sedans is also targeted as a yahoo boy car

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3. Mercedes-Benz (G-Wagon)

One of the cars in recent times that are used to show wealth or affluence is the Mercedes G-wagon. With its rugged outline look and luxurious interior, this car has become one car yahoo boys look forward to buying after "cashing out," i.e. when their targets have paid them. Thus, with some of these models of cars recovered from yahoo boys, you shouldn’t be surprised when the police see this car as one of the Yahoo boy cars or one that is driven or used by yahoo boys.


The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is driven only by the richest. No wonder cops are suspicious when a lad drives one

4. Ford Mustang

An uncommon regular "sports" car if you ask me. Owned by some of the wealthiest individuals, especially politicians and celebrities in the country. Anyone falling shy on that list would have to explain how they can afford such a speedster on the Nigerian road.


As rare as this car is in Nigeria, Yahoo boys paint the town red with some models

5. Range Rover

I remember a song by a musician with the catchline "mama when your boy hammer, I go buy you Range Rover.” I believe this made this brand of car popular so much so that everyone began dreaming of buying one when they eventually make it in life.

This thought is not only owned by those who legitimately make their money but also the so-called yahoo boys with their various yahoo formats. This no doubt has also made this car a suspected yahoo car when the police catch up with you.


Ever classy, its no wonder the Land Rover Range Rover made this exclusive luxury list of cars

6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class C350

In recent raids by security men on numerous suspected yahoo boys hideouts, the Mercedes-Benz has been very common among cars recovered by our security men.

One of the Benz models that have fallen into this category of cars is the Mercedes-Benz C350 C-Class, especially the Four-wheel-drive variant with the 4matic identity boldly placed on the trunk. This car, with its sleek and classy design coupled with an agility that matches its body color, is decidedly a very yahoo looking car. As a young and enterprising individual, driving this car, especially the white-colored one, draws the attention of the police to you.


In fact, this might be the most popular Yahoo boy car. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class

7. Chevrolet Camaro

A rival to the Ford Mustang and Pontiac Firebird, the Chevrolet Camaro is often used in drag racing in the country’s capital, Abuja, where such races pop up impromptu during festive seasons.

A popular belief is that such cars belong to politicians in the FCT. So, owning this car outside of the FCT makes you a yahoo suspect.


Beloved by movies and top politicians, the Chevrolet Camaro is a top set of wheels

8. Porsche

The name "Porsche" mentioned anywhere would surely attract the attention of anyone who hears it.

Porsche, with parent company Volkswagen, has produced some of the world's most expensive automobiles. Hence, anyone who can afford it surely has enough wealth to spend some on this car.

But, certain appearance traits can lead the police right to you, owing to the fact that they have recovered such cars from yahoo boys. Traits such as beard and dreadlocked hair for instance. This will surely cause you to be pulled over and interrogated.


Porsche is not exactly a yahoo car, but was added after yahoo boys began to buy it

9. Lexus ES 350

A luxury car manufactured by the luxury division of the Toyota Car company, hence earning it the nickname "Toyota's cousin." With a dual exhaust system allowing for additional horsepower, this luxury sedan has gained recognition into the yahoo boys' car hall of fame. The double exhaust has become a give away sign to security men to scrutinize whoever is behind the wheel. Imagine the number of yahoo boys app the boys use to get one of these.


Lexus ES 350 is a wonder on wheels and is just the kind of car yahoo boys need to show off 

10. Honda Crosstour

It has become something of a look-alike or cars that rival each other in terms of the specifications they carry. Therefore, such cars have tags on them such as the yahoo boys tag being discussed. The Honda Crosstour was built to rival the Toyota Venza and replace the Accord Wagon. So if a yahoo boy drives a Toyota Venza, another yahoo boy may be driving the Honda Crosstour. Yahoo boys news is constantly filled with yahoo boys arrested and impoundments of cars like these. 


Another car that the yahoo boys have firmly identified with

Take a look at the video below showcasing some latest yahoo boys in Nigeria cars:

Latest car bought by yahoo boys


Remember though that crime never pays, despite how flamboyant yahoo boys make it look. From yahoo boys WhatsApp group to yahoo boys format, the boys are not resting at all in their nefarious activities. Do you own any of these cars Nigerian Police see as a Yahoo Boys cars? Have you had any experience with the police that you were labeled a yahoo boy because of the car you were driving? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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