Top 10 cars named after plants: Lots of them are from Japan!


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Did you know that there are some car models, car manufacturing companies and other auto-related brands which are named after plants? Check out these 10 here!

Over the years, we have noticed that the names of many popular car manufacturing companies, car models, and other auto-related brands are usually inspired by strange things. Yes, it is more like a common practice in the global automotive world to name companies or products after strange, unexpected things like cats, fishes, mystical creatures, and many other natural elements.

In this article, we have particularly compiled a list of top 10 cars that are named after plants.


There are many old and new cars that are literally named after popular or rare plants

Top 10 cars that are named after Plants (including some companies)

Some people would have been surprised on seeing our recent publication that lists out 10 cars that are named after animals; then just a week later, we published yet another list of top 10 cars named after fish and that’s how the fun began. Now, we are back again this time with a list of cars named after plants.

1. Nissan Leaf

You probably wouldn’t need Google to know what a “Leaf” is, would you?

Since green plants are associated with nature and anything that is Eco-friendly, we believe the Nissan LEAF probably got its name because its an all-electric model that is obviously environmentally friendly.


The all-electric 5-door hatchback Nissan LEAF is named after a common part of all green plants – the Leaf

2. Nissan Cherry

Back in the ‘70s, Nissan (Datsun) named its new series of front-wheel drive subcompact cars, “Cherry” – a name that did play out well because this series became very popular back then. Naturally, Cherry is a generic name for the fleshy drupe (stone fruit) of many plants including blueberry, strawberry, and all the other juicy plants.


The Nissan Cherry is named after the “juicy” cherry fruits that most of us love to eat

3. Nissan Laurel

Yet another Nissan car – the Nissan Laurel takes its name from the Bay Laurel aromatic evergreen shrub with glabrous smooth and green leaves. This flowering plant is commonly found in the Mediterranean region.

4. Toyota Corolla

Toyota also had its fair share in the trend of naming cars after plants – the popular Corolla model is actually named after the common ring of petals which usually surrounds the central part of a plant’s flower. It's definitely a perfect name for a lineup of cars that are designed to offer unique beauty in a compact body.


The popular Toyota Corolla model takes its name after the beautiful ring of petals found in flowers of plants

5. Mitsubishi Pistachio

The pistachio is a popular member of the edible cashew family that is common in the Middle East and Central Asia. This is the plant after which Mitsubishi named its 3-door hatchback in the year 1999.

6. Suzuki Cappuccino

This probably does not even need much stress to explain; the Japanese multinational automaker rolled out a 2-seater, 2-door mini city car back in 1991 and literally named it after the popular coffee drink, Cappuccino.


The Suzuki Cappuccino was introduced in 1991 and it literally took its name after coffee

7. Lotus

Like we noted in the heading above, Lotus isn’t really the name of a car particularly but instead the name of a British automotive car manufacturer which has its headquarters in Norwich, United Kingdom. This vehicle manufacturing company specializes in making sports cars and racing cars. It’s needless to stress that Lotus Cars Limited company is named after the popular aquatic flowering plant, Lotus.

8. Sage

If you have never heard of this auto brand’s name in the automotive world before, it is probably due to the fact that it is indeed old. Sage was the brand name of a car manufacturing company that was owned by Paul Sage between 1900 to 1906. And just like number 7 above, the name “Sage” is also the same as that of a popular evergreen subshrub, perennial “spice” plant that has woody stems, greyish leaves, and purple to blueish flower.

9. Alldays & Onions

This is actually our favorite of the bunch; believe it or not, Alldays & Onions used to be the name of an English automaker that manufactured cars between 1898 and 1918. This company sold its cars under the “Alldays” name and even built one of the earliest tractors in Britain which it called the “Alldays General Purpose Tractor” back then. See the tractor in the photo below;


Alldays & Onions was the official name of an English automaker that made cars between 1898 and 1918

10. American Chocolate

This is probably hard to believe right?

Most people would at first think that we probably made this up but funny as it may sound; American Chocolate used to be the original name of an American automaker that made cars between 1902 to 1906. We could imagine just how much confusion that brand name would cause back in those times before the company was later renamed to “Walter”.

You may also like the video below that lists out 9 car models named after Mythical/Wild animals;

  9 Cars Named After Wild/Mythical Animals!


We can make the list go on and on, but for now, the above-mentioned names are currently the ones on our list of top 10 cars named after plants.

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